Dusting Cocktail Glasses – Creative Garnish for your Cocktails

Dusting cocktail glasses with powder

Dusting cocktail glasses is a unique way to garnish a cocktail. You can see glasses coated in every color in bars and on Instagram. Perhaps you wonder what that powder is and how you can apply it to a cocktail glass? Then you found the right place. I will explain these things and also a […]

Gin and Tonic – Things you should know about this Highball

Gin and Tonic balloon Glass

You can make a Gin Tonic in your sleep, can’t you? Possibly. But there are some things you should pay attention to when mixing a G&T if you want to achieve the perfect drink for a hot summer day.This two-ingredient drink, a member of the Highball family, needs the correct ratio of ice and carbonation, […]

Stone Sour – Tom Bullock’s almost forgotten creation

Stone Sour Cocktail

The Stone Sour Cocktail is a very refreshing drink that you can easily make at home. If you’re wondering what precisely it is, in short, I would say it as a sour cocktail with the addition of orange juice. That’s not a complete full description covering all aspects of the drink, but it provides a […]

The Difference between a Highball and a Cocktail

Highball Cocktail

A Highball cocktail basically is a kind of long drink, consisting of a spirit base, lots of ice, and a filler. All served in a narrow and tall glass – the highball glass. While it’s technically the same as the typical “vodka soda” you’d order at a club, a well-executed highball can be far better […]

Best Mezcal: Our 12 recommendations to buy in 2021

Best Mezcal selection

Mezcal is a spirit from Mexico and is often mistaken for another type of Tequila. But “it’s not just smoky Tequila,” states Ivy Mix, the author of “Spirits in Latin America.” It’s best to enjoy it neatly so you can taste the full flavors of this beautiful Liquor. The smokiness comes from the traditional way […]

The Spritz Cocktail – History of a classic Aperitif Cocktail

Spritz Cocktail

Summer is coming. And with it, the desire for Spritz Cocktails will rise again. Few other cocktails are tied so closely to summertime like the Spritz. Invented in Northern Italy, it is a symbol for celebrating life since the 19th century. The Spritz is a combination of bubbly Prosecco, soda water, and bitter aperitifs like […]

Butterfly Pea Flower Syrup – How to make one at home

Butterfly Pea Flower syrup

Color-changing cocktails are taking over social media by storm. Seeing a dark blue colored cocktail turning to bright pink is quite amazing to witness. Some creations even do color-layering, resulting in even more spectacular drinks. While one could think this is rocket science, it’s actually not. I’m showing you how you can use a simple […]

The Cocktail Jigger – Essential Bar Tool for your Home Bar

Cocktail Jigger Bar Tool

When mixing cocktails, it’s essential to measure your ingredients accurately to get the best results. For that, you need the right measuring tool. And this is when your cocktail jigger comes to action. Besides a cocktail shaker it’s another must-have at any bar, and it should be in your home bar as well. Because measuring […]

Rum Sour Cocktail recipe & history

Rum Sour Cocktail recipe

The Rum Sour Cocktail is part of the sour family and absolutely delicious. Even though the Whiskey Sour, another member of the sours family, might be more popular these days, as a matter of fact, the first written down sours recipes were Gin Sour and Rum Sour (aka Santa Cruz Sour). They were published in […]

Cocktail Strainer – Know your Bar Tools

Cocktail Strainer in use

A cocktail strainer is an essential bar tool that you need to create delicious cocktails. It helps remove ice, fruit, kernels -of passion fruit, for instance-, or other residues from any ingredients used. No matter if you stir your drink in a mixing glass or you use a cocktail shaker. When you pour your cocktail […]