The Top 8 Cocktail Bars in Copenhagen

By Sina Torner / Last updated on October 14, 2022

Like in many European countries, in recent years, the Danes have discovered a passion for mixology and cocktails. And we'll tell you where you can find the best cocktail bars in Copenhagen, Denmark's gorgeous capital.
Cocktail bars in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a beautiful city and a great place to be. There definitely is more than one reason why it ranks among the top 10 cities with the highest quality of living.

And during the last decade, Copenhagen experienced a serious upgrade of its nightlife and bar scene. The city brims with restaurants, clubs, beer bars, and quality cocktail bars, too.

The fact that Copenhagen is relatively small and everything in the city center is easy and fast to reach adds to the pleasant vibe.

So next time you're having a night out in Copenhagen, go and discover some of these cozy, lively, and fancy cocktail bars.

1. Ruby

Ruby is the ultimate must-visit cocktail bar in Copenhagen. If your schedule only allows for one nightlife venue, this is it. Opened in June 2007, it has been a nightlife institution for almost 15 years.

Ruby Bar Copenhagen

Behind a nondescript entrance of a 1740s townhouse (former Georgian Embassy) is a fully stocked bar with capable bartenders working it. The interior is party Skandi-modern, partly bar classic with booths, cozy leather armchairs, and low lights.

The menu at Ruby is subject to change but always fits the brief. Prices range from 120DKK to 130DKK (USD18 - USD20). Not exactly what most of us might call a bargain but totally fair for Scandinavian standards. -You will also realize when comparing prices to those of other top bars in town.

2. Library Bar

The Library Bar belongs to the Copenhagen Plaza Hotel. The interior is very traditional and classy with chesterfield furniture and a grand piano. If you want to disappear in a long-gone world, this is the place.

Library Bar in Copenhagen

The walls and ceiling are decorated with wooden panels, they have massive shelves full of books, and the floors are laid with wall-to-wall carpets.

Besides offering phenomenal cocktails, the Library bar occasionally hosts live music events - mostly Jazz. It's the perfect setting for some drinks and a laid-back evening.

Cocktails start at 120DKK (USD18) and long drinks at 80DKK (USD12).

3. Curfew Bar

Curfew Bar Copenhagen

The Curfew Cocktail Bar is a tasteful place with vintage equipment, cozy velvet seating, and iconic red barstools in the Vesterbro neighborhood.

After years of working for the 1105 bar in Copenhagen, the Portuguese bartender Humberto Marques opened the speak-easy-inspired bar in 2015. And within a few months, it was already known as one of the best bars in the city.

If you don't know where to look, you won't find the bar. Its secret entrance is well hidden - a barely noticeable door in between two stores.

The extensive cocktail menu holds a wide range of seasonal specials, classic drinks, and more modern creations thought out by one of Denmark's top bartenders.

Prices for cocktails at the Curfew Bar start at 130DKK (USD20).

4. 1105

1105 specifically addresses a clientele that's in their 30s. The bar named after the postal code of its location aims to create a relaxed, laid-back, yet sophisticated atmosphere. Of course, that is not exclusive to 30+. But it gives an idea of what to expect.

The cocktails are fantastic, made by experienced bartenders who know their stuff. And the service at 1105 Bar is excellent, too.

The music -Motown and easy Jazz- is perfect for unwinding after a long day of working or sightseeing. The lights are dim, and the lounges with velvet sofas invite you to stay for a while.

Highballs are 120DKK (USD18) and Cocktails start at 125DKK (USD19).


TATA Bar is a luxurious cocktail bar in the renowned 5-Star Hotel Sanders in the heart of Copenhagen. They have top bartenders who have won "Best Bartenders in Denmark" Awards multiple times in the past few years.

TATA Cocktail Bar in Copenhagen

The interior is vintage opulent, comfortable, yet tasteful and classy.
The name TATA goes back to the red velvet curtain at the Danish Royal Theater. And just like that curtain does for performers, TATA wants to provide a backdrop for their guests.

It's perfect if you want a chat with friends accompanied by some first-class drinks in peaceful surroundings.

As can be expected at a 5-Star Hotel, prices are slightly above those of the other bars on this list. But if your budget allows it, it's definitely worth it.

Cocktails at TATA Bar range from 125DKK (USD19) to 145DKK (US22).

6. Lidkoeb Bar

Located in a secluded backyard, Lidkoeb is run by the owners of the famous Ruby Bar. The cocktail bar occupies three floors of a former pharmacy in a building from the late 1800s.

Lidkoeb Bar

The ground floor accommodates a modern, Scandi-chic bar, plenty of bar stools, and booths with comfy, fashionable leather benches. And on the top floor - a cozy attic with exposed wooden beams- are old chesterfield armchairs, booths with velvet seatings, and a smaller bar focussing on Whiskey.

The menu features an exquisite selection of classics with an inventive twist. You get top quality with a price tag of 120DKK (USD18) per cocktail.

7. Duck and Cover

Duck and Cover Copenhagen

When you walk into Duck and Cover Bar, you immediately will get a homey, comfy feeling. And that atmosphere wasn't created by chance.

Owner Kasper Riewe Henriksen set up that gem of a cocktail bar inspired by his grandmother's home. The ambiance reminds a bit of the 60s, with carpets and upholstered chairs. It is just perfect for a casual night out.

The drinking menu is small but exceptionally creative and fun. It's has a nice try-them-all size for a small group - which I like a lot. And one of their menus, along with the bar itself, even won the prestigious Bartender's Choice Awards in 2017.

Cocktails are 120DKK (USD18) each, and the menu is subject to seasonal change.

8. Balderdash

The owner of Balderdash, Geoffrey Canilao, doesn't like pigeonholing. And as such, it's also hard to categorize his bar. You don't just get brilliant and crazy cocktails at this place, but a lot of other stuff, like milkshakes and ice cream.

There's also a spirit lab, a gallery, and a kitchen hidden on the upper floors. The kitchen is reserved for pop-up restaurants, and if you're lucky enough to be there during such a cooking event, you might get an extra treat.

The ambiance at Balderdash changes from an intriguing ice cream parlor during the day to a Scandinavian hyggelig and fun cocktail bar at night. It's really an unusual place and worth a visit.

Cocktails start from 120DKK (USD18).

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