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The 7 Best Cocktail Bars in Hamburg

By Timo Torner / Last updated on August 7, 2022 
Hamburg is a gorgeous city with some fabulous bars serving absolutely delicious drinks. We put together a list of the best cocktail bars in Hamburg you can go to when needing a break from partying at the Reeperbahn.

Hamburg is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. The home of the largest seaport in the country is more than just a gateway for trading.

In living quality rankings, Hamburg is always among the top five. -Not only, but also because of its nightlife.

The bustling Reeperbahn strip is the most famous area for diving into Hamburg's party scene. It is crammed with pubs and bars that offer cheap drinks. But there is more to Hamburg's nightlife - if you know where to look.

Hamburg has a fine selection of high-quality cocktail bars. From classy hotel bars to fancy speakeasy places, Hamburg has them all.

Each has the distinct Hamburgean vibe you can feel all over the city. A bit edgy, a bit different, and yet surprisingly welcoming. So join me for my ultimate list of the best cocktail bars in Hamburg.

Clockers Bar Hamburg

Clockers Bar

The top spot on my list has to be Clockers Bar. It's my favorite cocktail bar in the whole city. 

Hidden behind an ordinary doorway in Paul-Roosen-Straße is the home of Clockers. You won't find a sign or hint that there's a bar inside, so check the address first and then confidently enter that door. 

Once you get inside, it feels like being transported into another world. You don't know where to look first. There is a beautiful antique bar, grass and moss on the wall, wooden decoration, and lights all over the place.

When it comes to their drinks, I advise trying the Clockers Gin & Tonic first. It's no fancy take on the highball, but Clockers produces fantastic Gin in their distillery (read about Drilling below). If you're indecisive, chat with the bartender and get a recommendation. 

The jungle-like basement is only one part of the place. When climbing the stairs to the first floor, there's a small room with inviting leather chesterfield sofas, a bookshelf, and a small bar. 

That usually is reserved for private events, but if you are lucky, you might be able to have a look at it and even enjoy a drink up there.

Location of Clockers Bar

Le Lion - Bar de Paris - Hamburg

Le Lion - Bar de Paris

Le Lion might well be the most famous cocktail bar in Hamburg. It also is one of Germany's early birds in the speakeasy and craft cocktail scene, and home to a modern classic cocktail - the Gin Basil Smash

Getting a seat at this place can be difficult, so call beforehand and make a reservation. Once there, you have to ring the bell at the large black door to get inside.

The interior of Le Lion is a glamorous mix of textured wallpaper and dark wooden furniture. The elegant setting is made complete by chillout background music. It is loud enough to support the atmosphere but does not distract from your conversation or the bartender's work. 

If you're unsure what to order, I recommend trying their Basil Smash (easy recommendation) or a Martini. Le Lion serves some exquisite Martinis, and they also come with a side-dish-like serving of olives.

Location of Le Lion - Bar de Paris

Bar DaCaio - The George

Bar DaCaio

DaCaio is a hotel bar. To be precise, it's the hotel bar of The George Hotel right at the Alster river. It's a fancy, British-themed establishment that starts service at Afternoon Teatime.

Don't get deterred by the fact that it is a hotel bar. Their menu is pretty amazing. Besides some classic cocktails and a special section for Campari cocktails and Spritzes, they offer some truly exciting drinks.

Their cocktails are a bit pricey, though. Yet, if you're looking for outstanding cocktails with the highest-quality ingredients, that place is worth the money.

Location of Bar DaCaio

Botanic District - Hamburg

Botanic District

Next on the list of cocktail bars in Hamburg is Botanic District. I especially like the many plants and dark interior design. It brings a bit of boudoir charm to this place that makes it unique. 

Besides offering outstanding cocktails, they also have some delightful food options on their menu. So if you're looking for a great cocktail and something to eat, Botanic District is one of the best options in the city.

It's pretty rare to get excellent food and sensational cocktails at the same place. More often than not, one of them is somewhat disappointing. But Botanic District is different. 

If you're looking for a drink recommendation, try the Violet Fizz.

Location of Botanic District

Hotel Atlantic - Lobby Bar

Atlantic Lobby Bar

Another hotel bar on this list is the Atlantic Lobby Bar. Hotel Atlantic welcomes its guests for over a century already. And just by looking at the gorgeous lobby bar, you can feel a vibe of class and elegance dominating this place. 

Not a bar to party and boisterously celebrate but rather one for indulging in well-crafted cocktails.

The seating options are mostly old leather chairs. They have chandeliers hanging from the extra high ceiling and white wooden decor on the walls.

To further elevate the drinking experience, a pianist plays live while you enjoy your drink. And speaking about drinks, try the Admiral Schley when you're there. It's their own creation based on a mix of Bourbon and Cachaça.

Location of the Hotel Atlantic Lobby Bar

Boilerman Bar - Altes Hafenamt, Hamburg

The Boilerman Bar Hafenamt

The Boilerman Bar at Hafenamt has a unique approach to its drinks menu. While many other bars try to find the fanciest ways to present cocktails, Boilerman Bar does the opposite and opts for elegant understatement.

The drinks you get there are fantastic and of the finest quality. But the stars on the menu of Boilerman are Highballs.

A Highball consists of only a spirit and filler. With this limited list of ingredients, you need to be extra careful to balance the flavors. And Boilerman is one of the best places for that. 

Most Highballs are based on Rum, but you can also get some based on Gin, Tequila, or Whiskey. If you want to read more about Highballs, check out this article about Highballs vs. Cocktails.

When you look up the bar on online maps, you find more than one location. They are all good, but I highly recommend visiting the one at Hafenamt.

Location of Boilerman Bar Hafenamt

Drilling Cocktail Bar in Hamburg


That is an exciting one for me: It's owned by the guys from Clockers, and it is much more than just a bar. The Drilling opened in 2018 and is worth a visit for multiple reasons.

"Drilling" is the German word for "three-pronged fishhook", that's also shown in their logo. And as the name suggests, the place consists of three different parts.

The first part of Drilling is a cafe that offers high-quality coffee made of seasonal coffee beans and serves a small selection of delicious pastries, cakes, and sandwiches.

The second part is the distillery that also produces Clockers Gin. It's the first distillery in the city of Hamburg since 1980.

And the last part is obviously the bar. The interior design is best described as clean industrial, yet cozy. Knowledge and experience of the clockers bar have been brought into this little gem, making it a very thought-out location.

Especially in combination with the other two parts of Drilling, this place is a must-visit.

Location of Drilling

Final Verdict

Hamburg is a perfect city for having some drinks. With this list of the best cocktail bars in Hamburg, you'll never feel lost when searching for your next drink.

Plus, my favorites are not the only great bars in the city. There are more gems like the chug club, Boothaus, numerous sky bars, and a beach bar.

If you know another awesome cocktail bar that I did not mention here, let me know in the comment section.

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