The 7 Best Cocktail Bars in Prague

By Timo Torner / Last updated on March 21, 2023

Are you planning a trip to Prague? Or perhaps you are already there and need some inspiration on where to go tonight? Then how about some amazing cocktails in one of the best bars in Prague?
Cocktail Bars Prague

Prague is one of my favorite places to go on a weekend trip. The city just has it all: A beautiful old town center, culture, some of the best beer, and also some of the world's best bars to have a cocktail, too. Honestly, I'm not exaggerating. There are some of the best bars in Prague I ever visited.

The bartenders love their spirits and are true masters of their craft, and they put so much passion and love into cocktail menus, drink preparation, and interior design.

There are a ton of bars I could recommend, but I limited myself to the top-of-the-line bars. Bars that make you want to go back over and over again. So get ready for my list of the best cocktail bars in Prague's old town.

Black Angel's Bar

Black Angels Bar in Prague city center

If someone asks me for cocktail bar recommendations in Prague, this is one of my first choices. Black Angel's Bar is epic.

Located in the lower levels of the 5 Star hotel U Prince, this bar is an absolute must-visit. It's right across from the Old Town Hall with its astronomic clock, one of the most touristic spots in the city.

But unlike some might think, this bar isn't a tourist trap at all. It is a true gem. It is a historic bar in a vaulted cellar with lots of bohemia crystal chandeliers, mirrors, and bartenders that are true legends.

To make the experience perfect, a pianist and sometimes also a saxophonist play in the background. The first time I walked into this bar almost ten years ago, I was blown away.

The bar, the service, the leather seats, the stone walls, and the vaulted ceiling - everything about the place is unique. Also, cocktail menu is also one of the best I've seen. Even though it slightly changed over the years, my favorite cocktails are still on the list.

It's a vibrant and diverse mix, from cocktail classics to tiki drinks. Many of the cocktails also have kind of a Czech twist on them. For instance, they experiment with Becherovka or Czech Whiskey.

A thing that is good to know when visiting the first time is that the bar has some special cocktails. It used to be five different cocktails put at the very beginning of the menu. All come with an additional feature which I don't want to spoiler here.

If you want to order my favorite cocktail, it is the 'From Dusk Till Foam'. It's incredible - sweet and sour with an unusual foam on top. It feels like the taste changes with every sip you drink.

Location of the Black Angels Bar

Anonymous Bar

Anonymous Bar in Prague

Anonymous Bar is probably my favorite cocktail bar in the city of Prague. It's hidden in a quiet courtyard in the Old Town and offers some of the most creative cocktails you can find in the city.

But it's not only the cocktails that make me go back again and again. The interior design is fantastic, as well:

Antique seating options, curtains, and furniture are placed throughout the bar. Subdued light only allows limited visibility and creates an intriguing vibe.

Many cocktails on the menu are served and prepared artistically. Ordering a 'Hot Fawkes' will start a show for the whole crowd. Then some cocktails are hidden on the menu and can only be found if you know what to look for.

And no, I'm not giving away the secrets of the menu - mainly because it is more fun discovering them yourself, but also because the hidden gimmicks change over time.

The bar also offers themed cocktails only available when you're in the bar at the right time. An announcement then lets everyone know that there's a special menu for the next one or two hours.

Projected on the bar's walls, you can order those drinks during that time frame. Anonymous Bar is high-class cocktail culture paired with an exciting and fun experience.

It seems that the creativity of the Anonymous team has no limits. That also might be one of the reasons why they came up with another bar in Prague. This one also made it on my list and is next in line.

Location of the Anonymous Bar

Shrinks Office

Shrinks Office Prague

The second outlet of the guys behind Anonymous Bar is Shrinks Office. It's a hidden bar that you can only find if you know exactly where to look for it.

The entrance is hidden in a wall and can't be opened from the outside. Once the service staff let you in, they guide you downstairs to a small, cozy cocktail lounge.

It's best to make a reservation here as seating is extremely limited. -Making a reservation actually applies to every bar on this list but Shrinks Office only has space for a few small groups of people.

So be prepared and make a reservation upfront. The cocktails here are totally different from the Anonymous Bar but are equally creative.

As you might have guessed, Shrinks Office was inspired by Rorschach Comics.

The menu consists of Rorschach cards that show inkblots in various colors. There's no price tag and no text. You simply choose your drink by the looks of the blots.

I've never seen anything like this before. It's so much fun if you go there in a group and everyone is surprised by what they get.

If you have any food intolerance, don't worry, they check for allergies and ingredients you don't like. So a visit is absolutely risk-free.

That also applies to the price, which the menu doesn't state. But the cocktail prices are affordable, and you won't be shocked by the bill at the end of your evening.

The opposite even might be the case. On my first visit, I was surprised by how small the bill was. - Especially when one considers the quality and perfection this place offers.

And if this whole experience isn't extraordinary enough, there's even more. Every spirit they use in the bar is custom-made and can't be bought in a store.

They purchase quality spirits and tweak them by infusing, mixing, aging, and every possibility you can imagine. -A truly unique way to create cocktails.

Location of Shrinks Office


Absintherie Prague

Absinthe is a highly alcoholic anise-flavored spirit. Historical literature often refers to it as la fée verte - the green fairy. Also, there are many famous Absinthe drinkers like Ernest Hemingway and Vincent van Gogh. 

It was said to cause hallucinations and delirium, and some people claim that this is visible in one of van Gogh's famous paintings, Starry Night.

But let's talk about the Absintherie. It offers seating areas on two levels and has the most extensive list of Absinthe I've seen so far. If you never have had Absinthe, this is the place to try it. 

Not only do they offer a tremendous selection to choose from, but they also have the expertise to prepare Absinthe the right way.

In the Ansintherie, you get the chance to experience the different ways to prepare Absinthe, depending on the type of Absinthe. There are two options, distilled and macerated Absinthes, and the bar offers both. 

Trust me, the whole experience at this place is worth the visit. -A unique bar with an unusual offering you can't find anywhere else.

Location of Absintherie, Jilska

Hemingway Bar

Hemingway Bar Prague Old Town

Hemingway Bar is one of Prague's most famous cocktail bars. This beautifully designed cocktail bar pays tribute to writer Ernest Hemingway, famous for his love of spirits and cocktails. 

The whole bar is equipped with wood furnishings and fine leather seats. And that the interior is Cuban-inspired can't be denied. And of course, there are plenty of Photos of Mr. Ernest Hemingway all across the different lounge areas.

But the place is not only about interior design and theme. It serves delicious and very creative cocktails. 

One drink you shouldn't miss is the Hemingway Daiquiri. A drink Mr. Hemingway himself invented during his time in Cuba. 

And if you don't find something to your liking on the menu, let the barkeepers help you. As in all bars on this list, they know perfectly well how to whip up some custom cocktails that will wow you.

And even though the bar is quite spacious, it can be challenging to secure a set during busy times on the weekend. I had to wait in line many times already to secure a place in this beautiful cocktail bar. It is worth the wait, though.

If you feel like you need a drink right away and don't want to wait, you may stop by the next bar on this list. It's managed by the same guys as the Hemingway Bar and welcomes you in a little less busy setting.

Location of Hemingway Bar

Cash Only Bar - closed

Cash Only Bar Prague

The second outlet of the guys behind Hemingway Bar offers some beautiful drinks and food, too. 

It's close to Hemingway Bar and a great alternative if you didn't get a seat over there. It's a super cozy place and very different from all the other bars on this list.

You can get excellent cocktails, but it's all a bit less fancy - less fancy doesn't mean less quality. They also offer some tasty Hot Dogs with homemade bread buns. 

The other items on the menu also make for a great snack before heading to the next bar or club in Prague.

Update: I just learned that Cash Only had to close permanently. I still leave it on the list as I really liked the place, but unfortunately, you can't visit them any longer.

Crazy Daisy

Crazy Daisy Bar in prague

The last one on my list is Crazy Daisy. And the name doesn't lie. It is one crazy place that's not limited to Daisy cocktails

The entrance doesn't look extremely promising, but once you're inside, you will be amazed. The whole place seems like a circus or amusement park: 

Bartenders dressed as circus directors, animated walls, and a terrific, shiny bar area in the middle of the location.

Besides the animation and lights, purple and gold dominate the look of the bar. It feels a bit like entering a fairyland. And this doesn't stop with the interior. 

The cocktails also are designed to the extreme. Cotton candy cocktails and spirit sorbets are nothing unusual to get here. -A truly amazing place to experience a very different type of cocktail bar.

Location of Crazy Daisy

Final Thoughts

Prague is not only great for having a beer or visiting the theater, ballet, or opera. Prague's Old Town is one of the best places in the world to get the highest quality cocktails in breathtaking cocktail bars. 

I find that these bars can easily compete with bars in London, New York, Singapore, or Hong Kong. So the next time you're in Prague, plan some extra days and visit these cocktail bars.

If you find another remarkable place to visit in Prague, let me know in the comment section. I'm always happy about recommendations and will definitely check them out on my next visit.

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    1. Thanks Michaela,
      I already wondered why I can't find it on google maps anymore. I checked the website and it said it's "temporarily closed" so I still put it on the list. It's sad to see what's going in the industry... I hope they can rise from their ashes and start again. I really liked that place.
      Anyways, I'll update the article but leave them in there. It was well deserved.

  1. Hey thanks for the list
    As an update visit the Liquid Office in Karlin next time you’re in town, you might like it (I’m not part of the team by the way, I just like what they do)

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