14 Best Cocktail Bars in Vienna

By Timo Torner / Last updated on March 27, 2023

Our guide to the best cocktail bars in Vienna has it all. From speakeasies to luxurious establishments. There's a bar for everyone.
Best Cocktail bars in Vienna

Vienna is a beautiful city with countless must-see sights. And visiting Hofburg, Schönbrunn Palace, and Stephen's cathedral is just the historical side of things.

Viennese coffee house culture offers a unique and delicious variety of coffee, cake, and other sweet treats. But Vienna also has a lot in store for lovers of fancy cocktail bars. From traditional American-style bars to hip Berlinesk places, Vienna has an outstanding selection.

The sheer number of pubs and bars in Vienna is unbelievable. But I'm not looking for the next best place to order a beer. I'm always on the hunt for exceptional, high-quality, and unique cocktail bars.

So here it is, my guide to the best cocktail bars in Vienna.

1. Krypt.

Krypt. Bar is one of the newer venues in the capital of Austria. It's one of the few genuine speakeasy types of bars in the city. It used to be a semi-legal jazz club in the 1950s and is now a stylish bar. -A fabulous mix of past and modern.

Krypt. cocktail bar Vienna

Hidden in a vaulted cellar and only accessible via a narrow staircase, the bar is massive. Over 250 square meters offer plenty of space for lots of people.

And not only is the location extraordinary, but also the drinks have some unique twists. Cocktails like the Bunny Daiquiri featuring carrot juice or the Tiger special made with beet juice and a Chianti reduction are far from standard. 

The whole menu invites you to try something new. My personal recommendation is the Truffled Old Fashioned, and the Mezcal drinks are brilliant, too. Let me know your choice in the comments.

2. Blaue Bar

The "Blaue Bar" translates to Blue Bar. And blue is precisely what you get. The bar is inside the legendary Hotel Sacher, most famous for the Sacher cake. Walls, chairs, floor, and bar; everything in this little gem is painted in a tasteful blue. 

Blaue Bar at Sacher hotel VIenna

The place is very classy and elegant. Therefore it's a popular place to visit after going to the theater or the opera.

Saying that, make sure to either come to the bar before the cultural crowds arrive or well after the opera and theater ends. If you get there at the wrong time, the place is overcrowded, and you won't get in.

3. I also should note that the Hotel Sacher is a traditional and prestigious 5-star hotel. So besides having high-end service, the hotel bar also sports high-end prices.

However, if you stay away from Champagne cocktails, you should be fine. Dressing up is not a must, but quite possibly, you'd feel more comfortable showing up in a more formal outfit.

3. Puff

If you speak German, you'll know. If not, let me clarify: Puff means brothel. And that is what this place once was. And the bar certainly doesn't want to hide its past.

The atmosphere of the former brothel still lingers in the rooms. But never in a negative way. If you decide to go, watch out for the secret pink room. This special place offers a jacuzzi as well as beds on the side.

Puff cocktail bar in Vienna

The young and creative staff, combined with the unique theme of the place, makes this a perfect choice. If you're looking for some recommendations:

opt for the prosecco drinks with fresh fruits or order a cocktail made with a cocktail machine. The latter will get you a cocktail mixed right in front of you.

One thing to consider is that the bar is relatively small. That alone isn't an issue, but it's heating up quickly. And as you're allowed to smoke inside, it can get overwhelming.

4. Onyx Bar

Onyx is more than just a cocktail bar. It's a mix of café, bar, and restaurant. Its superb location at the Stephansplatz, combined with the massive windows, makes it a perfect place to have a drink during the day.

Onyx Bar amazing view out of the window

Designed by Hans Hollein, a famous Viennese architect, the seatings next to the panoramic windows offer a spectacular view of one of Vienna's most iconic sights - the St. Stephans cathedral.

Just like the Blaue Bar, Onyx is a sophisticated and classy place. And Politicians, actors, and other members of Vienna's high society visit frequently. 

That also displays in the prices. Cocktails are around $16 (14€). Yet, that is not overpriced, especially considering the view and location.

5. Tür 7

Tür 7 is another unique cocktail bar in Vienna. The place is hidden, and only a golden "7" on a sign outside the bar shows that you've found the place.

Once you get inside, you realize that the unconventional cocktail bar lacks a menu. The sitting area is cozy, and it almost feels like you're visiting someone at their home. You can even get some comfy slippers to replace your fancy, uncomfy shoes.

Once at your seat, the crafty bartenders working here will find the perfect drink for you by checking your preferences. Those drinks are tailor-made, which does come with a price tag of around $20.

That may sound a bit hefty, but the drinks and the experience are well worth it. Plus, every cocktail comes with complimentary popcorn.

The bar and its staff are less trendy than other venues. That means no fancy infusions or state-of-the-art techniques to modify your base spirit.
But what you get is perfectly executed and balanced drinks made to your taste.

Also, if you're unsure about your own cocktail preferences, don't worry. The staff is very knowledgeable and knows how to find the perfect drink for you.

6. Bruder

The Bruder bar also has a very unique and fancy offering. Bar owners and managers Hubert Peter and Lukas Steindorfer definitely are into fermentation.

Bruder Bar Vienna

Looking around the bar, you will find numerous bottles and jars filled with homemade Amaros, bitters, Vermouth, and a great variety of liqueurs.

The place is not only an exquisite cocktail bar but also has a full-grown kitchen. If you're looking for a place to have a nice drink and some quick bites, Bruder is an excellent choice.

Food and beverages are fancy, fresh, and taste amazing. I advise to try the Wegen Reichtum Geschlossen. The unusual cocktail translates to "Closed due to wealth" and features quince, lemon, dill, and ginger.

7. D-Bar at Ritz Carlton

Inside the Ritz Carton hotel in Vienna, D-Bar is an elegant yet cozy bar with a magnificent bar menu. You can choose a drink to your liking from the passport-themed menu and let yourself be surprised by the variety of cocktails you get here.

D-Bar cocktail bar in Ritz Carlton, Vienna

One of the stars of the menu is the Russian-inspired Spicy Matrjoschka. A cocktail made of pepper-infused Vodka, white Port winehoney syrup, lime, and cranberry juice. 

And maybe you guessed it already - the cocktail gets served a traditional stacked Matrjoschka doll. The smallest of them carries the final ingredient of the cocktail, a bit of gold dust and dried cranberry.

As you see, there is a lot of attention to detail. And to further prove that they make their own ice in-house.

After learning the craft from ice masters in Japan, personnel at D-Bar started producing their cloud-free ice blocks at -18°C, or -0.4°F, right on their premises. Every drink you get comes with a hand-carved chunk of ice cut from these ice blocks.

8. Miranda Bar

Miranda Bar is a bright pastel-colored place with marble stone surfaces. It is a bright, colorful cocktail bar, perfect for self-acclaimed social-media influencers. And while this place may possibly look a bit overstyled, it certainly doesn't lack quality.

Miranda Bar creative cocktails in Vienna

The cocktail menu is classy yet creative. You'll find many traditional recipes and templates with a modern twist. 

Love a good aperitivo cocktail? Then try Signora Dolce - a bitter and sweet aperitivo-style drink made of Gin, Suze, Amaretto liqueur, Strega, and orange cocktail bitters.

So if you're looking for a place with hip vibes serving delicious drinks, give Miranda Bar a shot.

9. Kleinod

Kleinod is the complete opposite of Miranda Bar. The interior is inspired by the 1930s and dominated by dark wood and old-school chandeliers. A bar that takes you back to the first golden age of bartending.

The cocktails you get there are far from outdated. From classics to futuristic drink creations, Kleinod has it all.

Kleinod Prunkstück - one of the best cocktail bars in Vienna

And don't be confused because they have multiple venues. They all combine excellent service and outstanding cocktails.

Yet, if you're after that wow factor, I recommend visiting the Kleinod Prunkstück. This place feels even more luxurious with wooden decor, tabletops made of onyx marble stone, and leather adding a touch of vintage luxury.

My personal favorite there is the Gentleman Club. A Whiskey cocktail inspired by the celebrated Clover Club Cocktail

It's American Rye Whiskey mixed with lime juice, simple syrup, and raspberry vinegar. It may sound weird, but give it a try and let yourself be pleasantly surprised.

10. Barfly's

Barfly's has been around for more than 30 years, and the enormous Whiskey collection features more than 1,300 different options. Also, the cocktail menu is gigantic: More than 500 recipes to choose from surely provide enough choices for everyone.

Barfly's cocktail bar Vienna

In 2021 the bar was redesigned completely. And to say the least, the result is stunning. The composition of wooden floors, dark marble decoration, green velvet seatings, and golden highlights make Barfly's a perfect mix of old-school luxury and modern elegance.

Even apart from the latest renovation, Barfly's is an excellent choice for high-quality cocktails in Vienna. Sit back, relax, and indulge in a cocktail or one of the many rare Whiskeys on offer.

11. Le Loft

Located within the Sofitel hotel, Le Loft is a Michelin-starred restaurant with a lounge and cocktail bar area. And the main feature of this classy venue is its breathtaking view of the city. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer a spectacular view, especially during wintertime. 

Loft cocktail bar

If you're looking for the perfect place to sip a delicious craft cocktail while the sun sets, this is your place.

Admittedly, the overall vibe is somewhat pretentious, but that mainly applies to the restaurant. The cocktail lounge doesn't enforce a dress code and feels quite relaxed.

Enjoy one of their signature drinks, preferably the Bigote Blanco or The Humble View. 

And don't forget to order some snack-sized bites alongside your drink, like their french fries with truffle mayonnaise. You won't find many cocktail bars in the city offering bar snacks and restaurant food at the standard of Le Loft.

12. Loos American Bar

Loos American Bar is named after its designer and architect, Alfred Loos. Some might think an "American Bar" shouldn't be on a list of the best cocktail bars in Vienna. But I can assure you Loos deserves its place.

This legendary gem is one of the most established cocktail bars in the entire city. A small venue, tiny even, dimly lit and designed in Art Deco style. And the size is part of what makes it so special.

Loos American Bar

Loos is located in a narrow alleyway just around the corner from Stephansplatz. However, it isn't one of these hidden speakeasies. Loos's classic design is as present on the outside as it is on the inside.

An oversized art deco-styled American flag and a big sign stating "American Bar" ensure to let you know what you'll get inside.

13. Le Bar

If you're looking for the most prestigious and classy bars in Vienna, Blaue Bar and Le Bar are two of the top choices. 

Located inside the five-star Sans Souci Vienna hotel, this bar is the definition of luxury. Unwinding beneath sparkling chandeliers in blue velvet seatings, you'll feel like a royal.

Le Bar - Champagne & cocktail bar in hotel Sans Souci

And fittingly, with more than 100 different vintage Champagnes, Le Bar has the best selection of bubbly in the city. The best part of this is that they're available by the glass. Where else can you find a comparable offer?

And, of course, you can also find an exclusive list of Champagne cocktails on their bar menu. Try the French Guy or the Sans Souci to enjoy this fabulous location to the fullest. 

14. If Dogs Run Free

Away from luxurious and glamorous to hip and trendy. The If Dogs Run Free bar is an industrial design place with a strong hipster vibe. It might as well be located in Berlin as the edgy interior reminds me of venues in the German capital.

But the bar has more to offer than atmospheric design. The bartending staff knows their craft. Classic Martinis or Boulevardiers are on point and also reasonably priced.

If dogs run free cocktail bar

But it's the more creative drinks that will make you cheer. Try their Damascus Sour, their take on a classic Sour cocktail made of Rum and cardamom syrup. Or have a Red Lion, a Gin-based drink mixed with Grenadine, Grand Marnier, and orange juice.

The prices here are very reasonable, which is one more reason why this place is a popular spot to start a perfect night out. Don't miss out on this fantastic cocktail bar when in Vienna.

Final Verdict

This overview is far from complete, but it lists my favorites. Vienna has an endless number of pubs, bars, coffee houses, and cocktail bars. The level of quality throughout those locations is unbelievable.

If you have a recommendation that is missing here, mention it in the comments. I'm always looking for new places to check out and update the list from time to time.

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