Top 13 Cocktail Bars in Lisbon

By Sina Torner / Last updated on March 21, 2023

Read here where to find the best cocktails in Lisbon, Portugal's capital, with its many narrow streets, beautifully decorated buildings, and breathtaking hilltop views.
Cocktail bars Lisbon

Lisbon is one of Europe's top destinations for a weekend trip. It frequently gets voted first place when it comes to places you should visit for a city break. And it also does not disappoint regarding cocktail bars and nightlife.

From chic and elegant to quirky or laid-back, Lisbon's cocktail bar scene offers something for everyone. Bars usually don't get busy before 9 or 10 pm, so going a little earlier gives you the advantage of picking the best seats.

Our favorite Bars in Lisbon for Cocktails

So, here are the best places to grab a delicious drink before you go clubbing or stay the whole night and sip through the entire cocktail menu.

1. Matiz Pombalina

Matiz Pombalina Lisbon

Matiz Pombalina is an institution in Lisbon's bar scene. Founded in 2010, the cozy cocktail is in Lapa, a well-situated residential area in the city center. 

It occupies the ground floor of a Pombaline building, a Portuguese architectural style of the 18th century. -Hence, the name Matiz Pombalina.

The homely atmosphere combined with the baroque sofas and upholstered armchairs makes it easy to spend a whole evening at Matiz Pombalina. It gives you the feeling of sitting in a living room with friends. 

Cocktails start at 11€.

2. A Parodia

A Parodia Cocktail Bar Lisbon

A Parodia Bar is one of the oldest bars in Lisbon. It opened its doors in 1974. Since then, the interior, put in place by Luís Pinto Coelho, has changed very little.

This elegant and intimate cocktail bar showcases antique furniture, framed photographs, and paintings. You can almost feel the magic of a long-gone era.

Cocktails start at 8.50€.

3. Bacchanal 

Bacchanal Cocktail Bar Lisbon Pharmacy

Even though Bacchanal is located relatively close to the famous Time Out Market, this beautiful cocktail bar is one of the hidden gems in Lisbon, a little off the beaten track. 

It is built inside an old pharmacy and has a bit of a speakeasy character.

The barkeepers know their craft, and you can get excellent cocktails and also a great selection of wines by the glass. 

Cocktails are around 11€, and wine by the glass starts at 5€.

4. Monkey Mash

Monkey Mash Cocktail Bar Lisbon

Monkey Mash is a modern version of a tropical cocktail bar. It's comfy, fun, and equipped with colorful wallpapers and velvet seating.

Matching the jungle-like interior, the drinks menu focuses on tropical and fruity drinks. It is somewhat of a modern and inventive take on the idea of Tiki drinks. 

And Monkey Mash also opens the door to another of Lisbon's best cocktail bars, the Red Frog.

Cocktails start at 12€.

5. Red Frog

The Red Frog is a brilliant speakeasy-style bar. It's a dimly lit, small, cozy, and stylish place. You can enter the venue through a secret door at Monkey Mash.

The cocktails you get at the Red Frog are stunning. They look fantastic, with extravagant yet elegant garnishes, and they also taste the part. They also offer delicious charcuterie boards and other bar bites to go with your drinks.

Seating is limited, and the bar is extremely popular. So, making a reservation is highly recommended.

Please also note that there are a few rules:

  • Your group can't be larger than four people.
  • You can't stay longer than 2 hours per visit - regardless if you have or have no reservation.
  • Beach wear, flip flops, etc., are not allowed. Smart casual is the minimum.

Cocktails start at 14€.

6. Toca da Raposa

Toca da Raposa Lisbon

Owner and bartender Constança Cordeiro opened the doors of her modern, chic bar in 2018. Within a couple of years, Toca da Raposa has become of the hippest cocktail bars in town.

It's a small, intimate, almost cave-like space with velvet seating and dim lighting.

The beautifully designed drinks menu is full of creative cocktails depicted as animals - from Phoenix to Zebra, you get a carefully crafted, delicious mixed drink.

Cocktails start at 10€

7. Quattro Teste

Quattro Teste is an unpretentious, authentic, small cocktail bar near the São Jorge Castle. The drinks menu and the bar bites follow an Italian / Basque theme.

The cocktails range from perfectly executed classics to creative twists on recipes like the Espresso Martini and many Italian aperitivi. It's usually not overly crowded, yet reservations are welcome.

Cocktails start at 10€. 

8. Bar Procópio

Bar Procopio Lisbon

Opened in 1972, the speakeasy-style Procópio recently celebrated its 50th birthday, making it Lisbon's oldest still running cocktail bar. 

The original Art Nouveau furniture and decor, the fringed lamp shades, the fireplace, and the old piano immediately transport you back in time.

That fact alone makes it already worth a visit. But Procópio also serves great drinks and small bites in the most charming, warm, and cozy atmosphere. 

On a side note: Smoking inside was allowed until mid-2022 but now is restricted to the terrace.

Cocktails start at 9€

9. 146 Bar

Bar 146 Lisbon

146 Bar is located on the ground floor of Corpo Santo, a luxury 5-star hotel in a historical building in the lively and trendy Cais do Sodré district.

The bar is spacious and decorated with soft pastel colors, with sofas and comfortable cushioned chairs. 

Their creative signature drinks on the cocktail menu, composed by bar chef Luís Duarte, have a biblical theme and are named after the seven deadly sins.

If you don't feel blasphemous, Bar 146 has a brilliant mocktail menu, too. And also the food is a delight. -All of this at surprisingly affordable prices.

Cocktails start at 9.50€.

10. Imprensa Cocktail and Oyster Bar

As Lisbon is a coastal city with a tradition of fishing, the seafood you can get there is simply outstanding. 

And if you want to enjoy a delicious cocktail alongside your oysters instead - or in addition- to the standard glass of bubbly, Imprensa is where you can do that best.

The drinks and the food are great value for money, and they even have an oyster happy hour daily from 6 pm to 8 pm. I recommend going early or making a reservation as seating is limited.

Cocktails start from 9€. The price per oyster is 2€.

11. Foxtrot

Foxtrot Cocktail Bar Lisbon

Foxtrot is the third member of Lisbon's 70s cocktail bars. It's actually more of a speakeasy pub than a classic cocktail bar, but you can get some really good mixed drinks. -Remember to ring the doorbell to be let in.

Foxtrot is also a great place for the late-night munchies as they serve food until 3 am on the weekends. You can also play Billard or Snooker in a separate room, and they have a smoking lounge. 

Cocktails start at 9€.

12. Cinco Lounge

Cinco Lounge Lisbon

Cinco lounge fits in perfectly into the mix of quirky, vintage venues and small cocktail rooms. It has an international flare without being over the top.

As you would expect from something called Lounge, it's a cool place with enough space to relax and unwind, and the music is at a volume that easily allows for conversations.

There's no dress code. It's come as you are. Just make sure to secure yourself a table, as the bar stools aren't the most comfortable of their kind.

Cocktails start at 12€ each.

13. Pavilhão Chinês

With Foxtrot, A Parodia, and Bar Procópio, Pavilhão Chinês is on the must-visit list if you want to make a complete tour of Lisbon's oldest bars.

Pavilhão Chinês is the fourth venue that has been operating since the 1970s. Like the other three, it puts great value on maintaining the vibes and the original interior design.

The place is stuffed with lots of old toys and other, often bizarre, memorabilia, and grabbing a drink here is a truly unique experience.

Cocktails are around 10€.

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