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How to separate a Cocktail Shaker when stuck

Your cocktail shaker is stuck, and you don't know how to open it without ruining your drink - and possibly the shaker, too? That happens to the best. And don't worry, there are some tricks on how to get your drink out of that tin in one piece, after all.

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Can a bartender drink while working?

Does a bartender drink during his shift? Most of us wouldn't even think about drinking during our working shifts. There are a few exceptions, though, and being a barkeeper is one of them. Not always, though...

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The perfect Cocktail Pick - this is what you need to know

Cocktail picks made of metal are a common and popular way to garnish your drink. They are decorative, practical, and sustainable, too. But what does make a good cocktail pick?

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Christmas Syrup recipe

Smelling and tasting Christmas spices immediately wake these cozy, warm, and homely feelings. And with our Christmas Syrup you can bring that feeling to your cocktails.

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Different Types of Cocktail Shakers - From Boston to Parisian

Cocktail shakers come in many types, colors, materials, and shapes. There seem to be no limits, and it is pretty hard to keep track of all those different types of cocktail shakers. So here's a practical overview.

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