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The Tin on Tin Cocktail Shaker Explained

The tin-on-tin shaker is presumably the most used cocktail shaker in bars around the globe. The easy handling and its sturdiness make it a perfect tool for high-frequency cocktail bars.

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Cobbler Shaker - Our Ultimate Guide to the Three Piece Shaker

The Cobbler Shaker is probably the most common cocktail shaker in home bars. This shaker is also known as a 3-piece cocktail shaker and comes with a built-in strainer for added convenience.

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The Parisian or French Cocktail Shaker

The Parisian Shaker is presumably the most classy tool to shake up cocktails. But there's more to it than elegance.

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How to separate a Cocktail Shaker when stuck

Your cocktail shaker is stuck, and you don't know how to open it without ruining your drink - and possibly the shaker, too? That happens to the best. And don't worry, there are some tricks on how to get your drink out of that tin in one piece, after all.

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Different Types of Cocktail Shakers - From Boston to Parisian

Cocktail shakers come in many types, colors, materials, and shapes. There seem to be no limits, and it is pretty hard to keep track of all those different types of cocktail shakers. So here's a practical overview.

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