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Christmas Spiced Rum Sour Recipe

This Christmas Rum Sour recipe is everything you want from a festive cocktail. It's elegant, slightly boozy, and full of Christmas spices.

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Heißer Kirmes Apfel Cocktail

Mulled wine is everywhere during winter time. And in past years, mulled Gin has joined the game. With this recipe for the Heißer Kirmes Apfel Cocktail you get the perfect final touch to the winter drink.

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Classic Gin Sour - Which Gin should be used

The Gin Sour is the perfect balance of sour and sweet with a herbal, smooth spirit base.

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Ramos Gin Fizz - A cocktail classic from New Orleans

The Ramos Gin Fizz is a twist on a classic Gin Fizz. Adding a few drops of orange water and a bit of cream turns it into this beautiful drink. But be careful with your measurements. Otherwise, things can quickly turn into a mess.

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Old Fashioned

You will have trouble finding a more classic drink than an Old Fashioned, a double shot of Whiskey with a cube of sugar, drenched in cocktail bitters and garnished with an orange peel.

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Continental Sour - Delicious twist on a Whiskey Sour

When looking for a Continental Sour recipe, you probably won't find much information. Even worse, what you find is often inaccurate. So I want to clear things up about my favorite twist on a Whiskey Sour.

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