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Elephant Gin - Orange Cocoa adding extra complexity

Summer arrives and, just in time, Elephant launched a new and fresh Gin Creation - the Elephant Orange Cocoa Gin. Based on their award-winning London Dry Gin, this Gin perfectly blends fresh orange flavor with notes of roasted cocoa beans. The result has an exciting, bright, and zesty aroma with intensive cocoa flavor.

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Bobby's Schiedam Dry Gin Review

Based on a recipe of Jacobus "Bobby" Alfons, Bobby's Schiedam Dry Gin is inspired by two worlds: Southeast Asia and Europe. And that's what makes it so good.

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How much is a Dram of Whiskey? The Story of Dramming

If you enjoy good Whiskey regularly, you might be familiar with the term dram. In case, you are not: "Dramming" describes the act of drinking Whiskey "by the dram". And what a Dram is, I will explain below.

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Iron Balls Gin - Made in Bangkok

With more and more gin brands flooding the market, it got hard to stand out. But Iron Balls Gin is different. Ashley Sutton, a famous and incredibly creative bar designer, showed once again his love for detail. The steampunk design, the bold marketing slogans, and the unusual but excellent taste of this Gin do not need much marketing to get noticed.

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The Different Types of Whiskey Glasses

Did you ever feel like someone ruined your Whiskey experience by using the wrong glass? Or on the contrary, that sounds impossible and crazy to you? It certainly doesn't for many Whiskey-lovers, as there's a reason for the many different types of Whiskey glasses.

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Best Mezcal: Our 12 recommendations to buy in 2021

Mezcal is a spirit from Mexico and is often mistaken for another type of Tequila. But "it's not just smoky Tequila," states Ivy Mix, the author of "Spirits in Latin America." And I can only agree. And if you're new to Mezcal, but want to try it, I have some recommendations for you.

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Elephant Gin - Flavors from Africa, crafted in Germany

Elephant Gin is a beautiful composition, perfect for a Gin and Tonic with a big heart for elephants.

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Mezcal vs Tequila - What is the difference?

Mexican spirits are trending right now. Besides Tequila, Mezcal is the new star of agave spirits. Both are made of agave but are very different if you take a closer look.

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Sotol and the difference to Tequila and Mezcal

Sotol is one of the lesser-known spirits from Mexico. Only recently, it started to gain international traction. But unlike the more popular spirits, this one is not made from agave.

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9 different types of Gin you need to know

In the past decade, Gin has become one of the most fashionable spirits, which led to a sheer endless variety. With so many options, picking one can quickly turn into an overwhelming task. Knowing the different types of Gin will certainly help.

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