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How Many Calories in Scotch or Whiskey?

You wonder how much calories are in Scotch or other types of Whiskey, like Bourbon or Rye? We've got you covered.

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How much is a Dram of Whiskey? The Story of Dramming

If you enjoy good Whiskey regularly, you might be familiar with the term dram. In case, you are not: "Dramming" describes the act of drinking Whiskey "by the dram". And what a Dram is, I will explain below.

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The Different Types of Whiskey Glasses

Did you ever feel like someone ruined your Whiskey experience by using the wrong glass? Or on the contrary, that sounds impossible and crazy to you? It certainly doesn't for many Whiskey-lovers, as there's a reason for the many different types of Whiskey glasses.

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