Aperol Negroni

Aperol Negroni

By Timo Torner / Last updated on August 17, 2022

This tasty Aperol Negroni is a spin on the traditional Negroni recipe. It's a delicious Aperol Gin cocktail that's less boozy and bitter than the classic version.

If you've never tried an Aperol Negroni, I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the smooth flavors.

While a classic Negroni recipe asks for a combination of Gin, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth, this Aperol Negroni spin replaces Campari with the milder Aperol.

Aperol is also an Amaro liqueur but less bitter, less boozy, and also less herbaceous than Campari.

Why you should try a Negroni made with Aperol

A Negroni without Campari? Sure, why not?! An Aperol Negroni is a delightful alternative for people who aren't a fan of the strong bitter taste of Campari.

Negroni made with Aperol

A Negroni made with Aperol has a bright orange/red color and is bitter-sweet and fruity. It has a balanced taste and is super easy to make.

So, next time you crave a nice afternoon sipper, try making a Negroni with Aperol.

Ingredients for making a Negroni with Aperol

Making an Aperol Negroni can be done two ways, and the first is called the Contessa cocktail

This Negroni recipe is made with Aperol and Dry Vermouth instead of Campari and Sweet Vermouth. It's similar to the White Negroni.

Aperol Amaro liqueur

The second, our Aperol Negroni twist, is closer to the classic recipe. The ingredients you need are Gin, Aperol, and Vermouth. -The sweet, red version, not the dry white Vermouth.

To add a bit of complexity, you can also add a dash of bitters. Regular Angostura bitters work well, but orange bitters are even better in this Aperol Gin cocktail.

Like the traditional Negroni, garnish the drink with an orange peel. You can squeeze it before discarding it into the glass to add essential oils to the drink.

Campari vs Aperol Negroni

Campari and Aperol are both parts of the Amaro liqueur family. Amari are Italian herbal bitter liqueurs. And each Amaro has its own secret recipe, distinct taste, and unique flavor profile.

Aperol is a very light and only slightly bitter member. It's a herbal and fruity liqueur with a bright orange color and an alcohol content of 11%.

Campari, on the other hand, is way more bitter and herbal. Also, the color is different; the liqueur is famous for its dark red shade. Further, it contains more alcohol, clocking in at 20% to 28%, depending on the country.

Aperol Negroni with orange peel

Both bitter liqueurs are similar at first sight but very different when compared in detail. Overall, the flavor profile of Campari is mainly bitter and herbal, whereas Aperol is more fruity and herbal with a slightly bitter note.

That also comes through in a Negroni made with Aperol. It's a lighter, less bitter cocktail with fruity and floral notes.

Making an orange peel garnish

Making an orange peel garnish for a drink is easy. Yet, since you discard the peel into your cocktail, remember to clean the orange thoroughly.

Then carefully cut off a piece of orange peel with a knife or a vegetable peeler and trim it.

Before adding the garnish to the glass, you can give it a squeeze while holding it over the drink with the outer skin facing downwards.

By squeezing the peel, you release essential orange oils into the Aperol Negroni, which brings a fragrant orange note to the drink.

Aperol Negroni

Aperol Negroni

A lighter, fruity twist on the classic Negroni recipe.
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Italian
Keyword: aperol, Gin, Sweet vermouth
Servings: 1
Calories: 172kcal
Cost: $2.40


  • 1 oz Gin
  • 1 oz Aperol
  • 1 oz Sweet Vermouth
  • 1 dash Orange bitters
  • 1 Orange peel


  • Add all ingredients into a mixing glass filled with ice.
    1 oz Gin, 1 oz Aperol, 1 oz Sweet Vermouth, 1 dash Orange bitters
  • Stir until the cocktail is well-chilled.
  • Strain into a rocks glass over ice.
  • Squeeze the orange peel over your drink and discard it into your Aperol Negroni.
    1 Orange peel


Serving: 3.25oz | Calories: 172kcal | Carbohydrates: 13.71g | Protein: 0.1g | Sodium: 0.64mg | Sugar: 13.39g
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Aperol Negroni FAQs

Can you make a Negroni with Aperol?

Yes, you can substitute Campari with Aperol and get a similar but less bitter version of a Negroni.

Does Negroni have Aperol?

The classic Negroni recipe does not use Aperol. It consists of three ingredients: Campari, Gin, and Sweet Vermouth.

How to make a Negroni with Aperol?

Pour equal parts of all three ingredients into a mixing glass with ice. Stir until well-chilled and strain into a glass over ice. Optionally, garnish the drink with an orange peel.

What can you use instead of Campari in a Negroni?

If you want to replace Campari in your Negroni recipe, use another Amaro instead. Aperol, Cynar, and Amaro Montenegro are only a few options you have.

Which is better, Campari or Aperol?

That depends on your personal preference. Campari is more herbal and bitter and requires a well-trained palate. Aperol is easier to drink and more fruity.

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