12 Best Cointreau Cocktails

By Timo Torner / Last updated on November 26, 2023

Here are our favorite cocktails made with Cointreau. The orange-flavored liqueur from France adds a nice citrusy touch to classic and modern recipes.
Best Cointreau cocktails

So, you got a bottle of Cointreau and are unsure what to do with it? We have plenty of ideas for great Cointreau cocktails.

The tasty orange liqueur is a specific type of Triple Sec with a beautiful citrus scent and an intense orange flavor. It's best-known for being part of classics like the Margarita or Cosmopolitan, but you can use it in many more cocktail recipes.

1. Classic Margarita

Classic Margarita cocktail with kosher salt rim and fresh lime wheel

The Margarita is a member of the Daisy cocktails family. Drinks in this category are typically made of a spirit base, citrus juice, and a liqueur to sweeten the drink.

A proper Margarita is made of Tequila, fresh and tangy lime juice, and Cointreau. Of course, you shouldn't forget about the obligatory salt rim. If that recipe is too tart for you, add a dash of simple syrup or agave nectar to your mixed drink. 

The Margarita heavily relies on the Tequila base. In case you need inspiration, here's our list of the best Tequilas for MargaritasVIEW RECIPE

2. Mai Tai

Mai Tai Cocktail on table garnished with pineapple

The Mai Tai is one of the most famous Tiki cocktails out there. And despite often being served in a cheap and juicy version at hotels and resorts, a well-made Mai Tai is a pretty sophisticated drink.

Rum, Cointreau, lime juice, and orgeat create a fantastic and complex drink, just sweet enough to balance the citric notes. And a float of aged Rum on top makes your Mai Tai even better. VIEW RECIPE

3. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan Cocktail

The Cosmopolitan cocktail, or Cosmo, became world-famous during the 1990s. As the go-to cocktail of cult TV series "Sex and the City" the drink quickly became a favorite not only on TV.

The mix of Citroen Vodka, cranberry juice, Cointreau, and lime juice tastes light and refreshing. 

As a Martini-type drink, the Cosmo is typically served in a Martini glass garnished with a lime wheel or lime peel. VIEW RECIPE

4. Lemon Drop Martini

Lemon Drop Martini cocktail on plate with lemons in background

The Lemon Drop follows a similar template to the Margarita: A spirit base mixed with citrus juice and sweetened with a liqueur, in this case, Cointreau.

But instead of Tequila, the drink is based on Vodka and freshly squeezed replaces the lime.The drink also features a rimmed glass. But unlike the salty rim of a Margarita, the Lemon Drop cocktail is rimmed with sugar.

There are many riffs and variations on the lemon drop cocktail. Most of them bring in additional fruity flavors from berries. VIEW RECIPE

5. Mimosa

Mimosa cocktails with garnish

The Mimosa cocktail does not ask for Cointreau in its classic version. However, the addition of the orange-flavored liqueur adds a bit of complexity. Add a splash of Cointreau to the classic combination of Champagne and freshly squeezed orange juice for a nice twist and a slightly higher ABV of the drink. VIEW RECIPE

6. Corpse Reviver No 2

Corpse Reviver No 2 with garnish

During a long night out, when you feel exhausted, the Corpse Reviver No 2 is a nice way to bring you back to life. Indeed, the drink was designed to be a hangover cure, hence the name. 

Different versions of Corpse Reviver cocktails have existed on bar menus since the 1850s, but only a few variations did survive until today. The Corpse Reviver No 2 is the most popular of them all. 

The mix of Dry Gin, Cocchi Americano, Cointreau, fresh lemon juice, and two dashes of Absinthe is the most flavorful representative of the Corpse Revivers. VIEW RECIPE

7. Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling cocktail with garnish

The Singapore Sling is a fruity and complex cocktail made with Gin. Reportedly, the cocktail was invented at Raffles hotel in Singapore back in 1915. Today, it seems every bar has its own take on this classic. Even the bar at Raffles hotel, the "Long Bar" serves this cocktail in two different ways:

One is a more traditional recipe called the "The Raffles 1915 Gin Sling". It is made with an exclusive Gin from Sipsmith - the Sipsmith Raffles 1915 Gin. 

The second version is a more modern recipe, including a housemade Grenadine and a Dry Curacao liqueur. Our recipe replaces Dry Curacao with Grand Marnier, but using Cointreau in this beautiful drink is just as good. VIEW RECIPES

8. Between the Sheets

Between the Sheets cocktails

The Between the Sheets is a drink closely related to the Sidecar cocktail. It's less known, yet the bright and tangy flavors make for a delicious cocktail.

It's a split-base cocktail based on Cognac and White Rum. Fresh lemon juice and Cointreau balance the flavors and bring the drink to life. The inventor of the drink was Harry MacElhone, a legendary bartender. VIEW RECIPE

9. White Lady Cocktail

White Lady Cocktail

The White Lady cocktail is a classic drink from the 1910s. Just like the Between the Sheets, the drink was invented by bar legend Harry MacElhone.

The drink made from Gin, fresh lemon juice, and Cointreau is also a member of the Daisy cocktail family. Another ingredient that's often added to a White Lady is egg white. However, I think this drink also shines without the frothy extra. VIEW RECIPE

10. Sidecar Cocktail

Sidecar cocktail

The Sidecar cocktail is one of the most famous classic cocktails. The forerunner of the Between the Sheets cocktail includes VSOP Cognac, Cointreau, lemon juice, and just a dash of Angostura bitters.

The Sidecar often sports a sugar rim. Ideally, you use superfine sugar as it looks better and sticks nicely to the glass. Also, if you're into Cognac and Brandy drinks, check out these Brandy cocktail recipes. VIEW RECIPE

11. Mezcal Margarita

Mezcal Margarita cocktails on dark table

This list isn't complete without the Mezcal Margarita. The Mezcal base adds a beautiful smoky touch to the established recipe.

Other than the base, the recipe is identical to the classic Margarita. But you can also spice this drink up by adding some jalapeno slices. Or you apply a spicy Tajin rim instead of the regular salt rim. VIEW RECIPE

12. Long Island Ice Tea

The Long Island Ice Tea is a drink with a bad reputation. Though, when made the right way, this boozy cocktail is far from being inferior.

Gin, Tequila, Vodka, Rum, Cointreau, lemon juice, coke, and simple syrup all go into the drink. And even though the list of ingredients is long, the flavors in the cocktail are well balanced. VIEW RECIPE

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