Best Halloween cocktails

7 Best Halloween Cocktails in 2021

By Sina / Last updated on March 29, 2022 
No matter if you are a big fan of horror, or, like me, you try to avoid all films with characters even remotely resembling monsters or ghosts: A good Halloween party is definitely something not to be missed. And the same goes for a good Halloween cocktail.

So here we are. You decided to host this years' Halloween party and now landed here? In that case, I presume the majority of your guests will not be overly impressed with a chocolate collection from trick and treating. And you probably feel the famous Wodka-Jelly shots from the 80s are also nothing to get too excited about. Then it's the perfect time to get a little fancy.

I composed a list of my favorite Halloween cocktails for this year for you. They are creepy, easy-to-make, and delicious.

I also linked some Halloween glassware for you. They make every drink even spookier and a real winner.

1. The Graveyard Shift by Katie (@garnish_girl)

That one is for the coffee lovers among us. Also, it's super easy to do a non-alcoholic version for younger guests. Just replace the alcohol and coffee part with a hot chocolate et voila.

Difficulty: medium
Servings: 1

Graveyard Shift cocktail


1.5 oz Oreo infused Vodka
0.75 oz coffee liqueur
1 oz espresso
0.25 oz vanilla
vanilla whipped cream
miniature shovel as garnishsimple syrup

To infuse your Vodka with Oreo flavor, take one cookie per 1.5 oz, add it to the Vodka the day before and let it sit overnight. Then mesh strain it after 24h and then run the spirit through a coffee filter to get rid of tiny bits and pieces of oreo.

To mix the cocktail: Shake, strain, and top with (lightly sweetened) vanilla whipped cream and crumbled Oreos. The amount of whipped cream depends on the glass you use. I recommend going for a layer of about 0.5in.

Get the glassware here.

2. Black 'N Bloody Mai Tai (@aboutdrinksandbars)

This Bleeding Mai Tai literally is a bloody good and fun version of the Mai Tai. It is fruity, boozy, and fun to make.

Difficulty: medium
Servings: 1

Black n Bloody Mai Tai for Halloween


1.5 oz White Rum
0.75 oz Cointreau
0.75 oz Freshly squeezed lime juice
0.5 oz Orgeat
0.75 oz Dark rum
A dash of squid ink -or alternatively 1 tbsp. activated charcoal, if you have reservations about squid ink
Dried Hibiscus flowers

First, pour the Brown Rum into a glass and add hibiscus flowers (2 - 3 per oz). You can do that for all servings at once. Use a little more Rum, as the flowers will soak up some of the Rum. Let it sit for a few hours until the Rum turns into a dark and bloody red color.

Add White Rum, lime juice, Cointreau, squid ink (or charcoal), and lots of crushed ice into your shaker. Give it a good shake and pour the mixture with the ice in your glass. Don't fill the glass to the rim yet. You will need a little space for the bloody Rum float.

Now put some extra crushed ice on top so that it covers the surface nicely. Then pour the hibiscus-favored Rum on top using your bar spoon so that it will stay on top. Enjoy!

Get the glassware.

3. The Vampira's Attic by Valérie (@mydigitalkitchen)

The Vampira's Attic is a refreshingly fruity and slightly tangy version of a Halloween cocktail from mydigitalkitchen. And the dry ice adds the perfect spooky touch - if you don't feel like using dry ice, you could also go for a Halloween-themed glass instead.

Difficulty: medium to hard
Servings: 2

Vampira's Attic - spooky cocktail


16 oz grape/currant juice
2 oz black Vodka - alternatively, regular Vodka will work, too
1 oz lemon juice
A splash of club soda
Dry Ice - where to get that from
Blackberries for garnish

Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Then divide the content between 2 glasses and add dry ice.
Put skewer with blackberries on the rim.

Important note for using dry ice: Make sure that the dry ice fully dissolves before drinking the cocktail. That means you need to wait until the foggy effect stops. Otherwise, you risk frostbite. 

Also, don't touch the dry ice with bare hands. Always use thick gloves or a spoon. 

Get glassware here.

4. Bloody 75 by Monica (@liqculture)

This cocktail is a Halloween-inspired riff on the classic French 75, replacing the traditional Gin and lemon juice by Gibson's Finest Whisky Venerable, Dillion's Haskap Liqueur, and fresh pomegranate juice. You can find more info about this creation at liqculture.

Difficulty: easy
Servings: 1

Bloody 75 cocktail


3/4 oz Gibson's Finest Whisky Venerable
3/4 oz Dillion's Haskap Liqueur
3/4 oz Pomegranate Juice
one dash simply syrup
2 oz Sparkling Wine

Add Whiskey, Liqueur, pomegranate juice, and syrup into your shaker. Fill it with ice and give it a good shake. Strain the mix into your Halloween flute glass and top it off with sparkling wine.

Link to the glassware.

5. The Oogie Boogie by Emrah (@lelabbo)

This fun cocktail is inspired by Tim Burton's famous movie A Nightmare before Christmas. It's a brilliant way to bring some 90s nostalgia with a modern twist to your Halloween party.

Difficulty: medium
Servings: 1

Oogie Boogie cocktail


1.5 oz Tequila Blanco
0.75 oz Mezcal
0.75 oz Grand Marnier
1.5 oz lime juice
0.75 oz tarragon syrup
one chili pepper
one egg white
carbon salt
lemon peel

First, coat the rim of your glass with activated carbon salt and fill it with ice.

Now add a piece of chili pepper, Tequila, Mezcal, Grand Marnier, lime juice, tarragon syrup, and the egg white into your shaker and dry shake first. That means without ice at first, and then a second time with ice. If you should prefer a vegan option, you can replace the egg white with Aquafaba.

That way you'll get a better foam. Finally, carefully double strain into your glass and garnish with a lemon peel snake.
If you want to spice things up a little more, take two chili bits instead of one and muddle them before adding the other ingredients.

Get the glass.

6. White Pumpkin Russian (@aboutdrinksandbars)

A classic White Russian with a bit of a Halloween twist to it. It's something for those who prefer cocktails with a bit of sweetness to them- only slightly, though.

Difficulty: medium
Servings: 1

Pumpkin Spiced White Russian


2 oz Vodka
1 oz Kahlua
1 oz heavy cream
1 tbsp. pumpkin spice syrup
pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon for garnish

Add Vodka, Kahlua, pumpkin-spiced syrup, and plenty of ice into your shaker, then shake until the mix is well-chilled. Strain the mixture in your glass or cup. Now pour the cream carefully via a spoon on top. Using a spoon helps the cream to stay on top for the typical White Russian look.

Now sprinkle some cinnamon on top. - If you want to garnish your drink with a spooky face, slightly froth the cream before pouring it in.

If you want to do your own syrup, you can go with 9oz water, 9 oz brown sugar, a cinnamon stick, the pulp from one vanilla bean, three cloves, and a tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice. Strain everything through a coffee filter and let it cool down before using it in your cocktail. For more instructions on how to make syrup, read here.

7. The Morgarita by Brenton (@cheerstohappyhour)

The origin of Halloween is in Mexico, where it is called "Día de Los Muertos" and celebrates the dead. And how could this be done any better than by mixing two iconic Mexican Agave spirits?

Difficulty: medium
Servings: 1

Margarita Halloween cocktail


1.5 oz Tequila Tromba
0.5 oz Mezcal Aqua Santa
1 oz of lime juice
0.5 oz agave nectar
Barspoon of activated charcoal
Garnish: Tajin and dehydrated lime wheel

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a tock glass with fresh ice.

Get the glass here. Due to the European Data Protection Policy, this link is only accessible from outside the EU.

Let me know in the comments which one made it on your menu this year -or share your own Halloween favorites that we should try.

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