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6 Thanksgiving Cocktails you should try in 2021

By Sina / Last updated on May 16, 2022 
Just before the holiday season starts, it is about time to check out some delightful Thanksgiving Cocktails. I put together my favorites for you to mix at home - or find inspiration and do your own twist on them.

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in many places around the globe on various dates throughout the year. But it's rarely as important a holiday as it is in North America. There, families and friends gather to share a fine dinner and celebrate together. It's also the start of the festive season, and it does that justice alright.

Some even wonder if, in the United States, Thanksgiving might be bigger than Christmas. -As far as I know, it is not, though. It usually is less glamorous but instead more personal and intimate as it reminds everyone of what they are thankful for in their lives.

We all know the initial idea of Thanksgiving is to be thankful for the year's harvest. But in times where many go grocery shopping in supermarkets, it is more about getting together with loved ones.

And what better way to upgrade such an evening than with some delicious, extravagant cocktails? If you're like me - and I assume you landed here because you are- there isn't much that could be better. So let me show you my favorite Thanksgiving Cocktail to start the festive season.

Also, let me know in the comments how you like the Thanksgiving Cocktails and which one is your favorite. -And I'm also curious to know what's more important to you: Thanksgiving or Christmas?

1. After Dinner Negroni (@cocktailpete)

As the name suggests, this is a good one to try after an opulent Thanksgiving dinner. The bitterness of a regular Negroni gets balanced out by a little bit of sweetness from the Tiramisu liqueur and the chocolate bitters.

Difficulty: easy
Servings: 1

After Dinner Negroni drink


30ml (1oz) Gin
30ml (1oz) Sweet Vermouth
25ml (0.85oz) coffee-infused Campari
15ml (0.5oz) tiramisu liqueur
one dash of chocolate bitters
one dehydrated orange slice
coffee beans

Cool your glass by putting ice cubes in it before starting to mix your Thanksgiving Negroni. Put all ingredients in a mixing glass, add plenty of ice, and stir until the contents are well-chilled. Now remove the ice from the previously prepared glass, and strain your drink into it. Add a large ice cube and garnish with the dehydrated orange wheel and some coffee beans.

2. Grouse Rampant (by @alan_home_bartender_)

I am a big fan of Sours. I truly love them all. In my opinion, they are a real crowd-pleaser. And this recipe from Death and Company (New York), interpreted by Alan, is just the perfect way to turn a traditional Whiskey Sour into a beautiful Thanksgiving Cocktail.

Difficulty: medium
Servings: 1

Grouse Rampant sour cocktail


60ml (2oz) Johnny Walker Scotch 12 Years infused with Fuji Apple
25ml (0.85oz) lime juice
10ml (0.35oz) homemade acacia honey syrup
10ml (0.35oz) homemade cinnamon bark syrup
one egg white
Edible prints for garnish

Add all ingredients except for the edible prints in your cocktail shaker. Don't add ice yet. Cocktails containing egg white should be dry shaken first. After the dry shake, add ice into your shaker and shake again. Carefully strain your drink into a chilled glass.

If you don't know how to make your own honey syrup, you can check it out here. And if you don't want to go through the trouble to get edible leave prints, a bit of cinnamon power on top will work nicely, too. However, should you want those prints (because they are pretty cool, honestly), you can get them in various shops online.

3. Coffee Banoffee (@the.hometender)

A boozy, sweet delight that works brilliantly as a substitute for a dessert or after having finished your Thanksgiving dinner. I find the Coffee Banoffee perfect for those like me who are not much of a classic dessert person but still have no objection against something sweet at the end of a meal. Not to mention how pretty it looks with the toffee nest on top.

Difficulty: medium
Servings: 1

Coffee Banoffee drink


30ml (1oz) Aged Dark Rum
15ml (0.5oz) Coffee Liqueur
30ml (15ml) brewed Coffee
25ml (0.85oz) banana syrup
15ml (0.5oz) caramel syrup
one egg white
Spun sugar toffee for garnish

Add all the ingredients (not the toffee) into your cocktail shaker. To make the egg white float nice and foamy, you need to perform a dry shake first. -That means, don't add ice yet. Then give it a good shake for about 5 minutes before adding ice and shaking again until everything is well chilled.

Strain everything into your pre-chilled glass and garnish it with a spun toffee nest.

4. Winter Rita (@thebitterfairy)

The Margarita is among the most popular summer cocktails and a must when vacationing in Mexico. But with a few small tweaks to the recipe, this summer classic becomes winterproof.

Difficulty: easy
Servings: 1

Winter Margarita cocktail


50ml (1.75oz) Tequila Blanco
10ml (0.25oz) Campari
20ml (0.75oz) lime juice
15ml (0.5oz) fresh blood orange juice
15ml (0.5oz) rosemary syrup
coarse-grained salt for the rim

Prepare your glass and cover the rim with a bit of lime juice from a lime wedge. Then apply a bit of coarse-grained salt. -For example, Fleur-de-Sel, because it has a better taste and mouthfeel than regular iodized salt.

Also, add some ice cubes to the glass before starting to mix the cocktail. That will chill it down nicely.

Now, add all ingredients and lots of ice to your shaker, shake until the content is well-chilled, and then strain it into your glass.

5. Marzipaneca (@spiritedla)

Marzipan is a flavor so closely tied to the time of the year when the days get shorter and, above all, colder. And by combining Disaronno and Maraschino liqueur together with a few drops of rose water, you get a flavor that resembles marzipan so well. The thing about marzipan is you either hate it, or you absolutely love it. But if you belong to the second group, the Marzipaneca is a fabulous Thanksgiving cocktail to kick off the festive season.

Difficulty: easy
Servings: 1

Marzipaneca marzipan cocktail


60ml (2oz) Armagnac
25ml (0.85oz) Amaretto (recommendation: Disaronno Liqueur)
10ml (0.25oz) Maraschino Liqueur
three dashes of orange bitters
two drops of rose water

Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass, add plenty of ice and stir for a little while until the contents are well-chilled. Then strain over ice into a glass and add some small branches of flowers as a garnish, if you like.

6. Hazelnut Sour (@aboutdrinksandbars)

This Thanksgiving drink has a heavenly balance of sweet and sour notes that's also relatively low in ABV. The famous Italian liqueur, Frangelico, gives the classy and elegant cocktail a nutty aroma without making it too rich and heavy.

Difficulty: medium
Servings: 1

Frangelico Hazelnut Sour


40ml (1.35oz) freshly squeezed lemon juice
60ml (2oz) Frangelico
15ml (0.5oz) gingerbread syrup
15ml (0.5oz) dry red wine
one egg white or Aquafaba
one or two pinches of ground hazelnuts

Put all ingredients into your shaker and perform a dry shake first. Then, add ice and shake again until the shaker feels chilled and icy. Then slowly strain over ice into your glass. Now, for the red wine, use a bar spoon and carefully float it on top. Garnish with ground hazelnuts. - They won't affect the texture of your cocktail, as they sit nicely on top of the egg white foam.

If you consider using another hazelnut liqueur, be aware that this will quite certainly lead to a very different result, as Frangelico has a super unique and distinct taste.

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