The 3 best non-alcoholic Bourbon bottles - Kentucky 74, Monday, and Spirit of Bourbon

5 Best Non-Alcoholic Bourbon Alternatives

By Timo Torner / Last updated on December 15, 2022

With alcohol-free spirit alternatives on the rise, it's time for recommendations for non-alcoholic Bourbon to sip or to mix in drinks.

The terms non-alcoholic Whiskey or alcohol-free spirit sounds somewhat contradictory. Yet, with the sober lifestyle getting more attention, an increasing number of bars specialize in alcohol-free craft cocktails.

If you're seeking Bourbon alternatives, you've come to the right place. We've compiled a list best non-alcoholic Bourbon for Whiskey enthusiasts.

Jump to Kentucky 74 | Lyre's American Malt | The Spirit of Bourbon | Drummerboy American Dark | Monday non-alcoholic Whiskey

Kentucky 74

Bottle of Kentucky 74
  • Produced by: Spiritless Inc.
  • Flavors: Caramel, vanilla, and oak
  • Price: $38 

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Kentucky 74 is probably one of the best alternatives on the market. With rich and sweet notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak - this alternative strongly resembles the taste of real Bourbon.

For that, Spiritless produces a classic high-proof Bourbon and strips out the alcohol. That is done by using a reverse-distillation process. The stripped-out ethanol goes into the making of the next batch.

It was awarded as the best non-alcoholic spirit by LA Spirits Awards in 2021. [1] However, talking to others, Kentucky 74 seems to be quite divisive. Some claim it almost tastes like the real deal, while others can't stand it. Even though I wouldn't say that this is close to real Bourbon but it's one of ma favorite alcohol-free alternatives.

Lyre's American Malt

Lyre's American malt bottle on white background
  • Produced by: Lyre's Spirit Co
  • Flavors: Brown sugar, caramel, and raisin
  • Price: $36

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Lyre's American Malt combines a subtle hint of heat with sweet flavors of brown sugar and raisins. It's one of the most advertised alcohol-free Bourbon substitutes.

The biggest issue here is texture. Spirits like Bourbon are full-bodied and thick in consistency. In comparison, Lyre's American Malt is almost as fluid as water.

While this makes it not an ideal choice to have neat, it's in mixed drinks where American Malt shines. Here, you can compensate for the lack of body by pairing it with ingredients that can bring the body into mixed drinks. That can be either a rich simple syrup or gomme syrup.  

The Spirit Of Bourbon

The Spirit of Bourbon bottle
  • Produced by: The free spirits company
  • Flavors: Oak, caramel, and sugar
  • Price: $37

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This non alcoholic Bourbon substitute is light and sweet in taste with flavors of caramel, burnt sugar, and toasted almonds. It carries a hint of anise and citrus, breaking through the overall sweet palate. 

Although this product is designed to be a Bourbon alternative, we found that it shows a strong resemblance to Jack Daniels when combined with a mixer like coke or ginger ale.

Drummerboy American Dark

Bottle of Drummerboy American dark
  • Produced by: Innovation Beverage Group Limited
  • Flavors: Vanilla, toasted nuts, caramel, and toffee
  • Price: $30 (not yet available in the US)

Despite its name, this fancy alcohol-free spirit is produced in Australia. It's a solid replacement for your standard Bourbon and shows a classic sweet flavor profile.

Sweet notes of caramel, toffee, nuts, vanilla, and sweet fig ensure a round flavor profile. It performs best when paired with sweet mixers in non-alcoholic highballs.

Monday non-alcoholic Whiskey

Monday non-alcoholic Whiskey bottle
  • Produced by: Drink Monday
  • Flavors: Butterscotch, brown sugar, and molasses
  • Price: $45

Buy here

This option is produced by a California-based distillery called Drink Monday. It's one of the pricier options you can get but also among the top products. 

Inspired by traditional American spirits, this alcohol-free alternative is best-used in classic drinks like a Old Fashioned or Manhattan Mocktail. 

Aroma-wise it's close to a real Bourbon, but the taste is lacking, at least when consumed neat. It still has a slight bourbon flavor, but not enough to be fully convincing.

Final Note

Frankly, none of these bottles comes close to Bourbon Whiskey. They sometimes nail the sweetness, aroma, or flavors but still lack the body an alcoholic spirit has. So I can only really recommend using them in mixed drinks.

Among all the options, Kentucky 47 is one of the best ones to replace your Bourbon. It kind of works neat and also when used in non-alcoholic Mocktail recipes.

Also, Monday's non-alcoholic Whiskey or The Spirit of Bourbon are two decent alternatives for craft mocktails.

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