Elephant Gin - Orange Cocoa adding extra complexity

By Timo Torner / Last updated on April 6, 2023

In 2021, Elephant launched a new and fresh Gin Creation - the Elephant Orange Cocoa Gin. Based on their award-winning London Dry Gin, this Gin perfectly blends fresh orange flavor with notes of roasted cocoa beans. The result has a beautifully bright and zesty aroma with intensive cocoa flavor.
Elephant Orange Cocoa Gin

I had the chance to try Elephant Orange Cocoa Gin shortly before its launch, and I absolutely love it. It's fresh and full of fruity flavor, and at the same time, you can taste this strong cocoa taste. 

It is pleasant when drank neat and works sensationally in a Gin and Tonic. My preferred way, though, is drinking it in a cocktail. They have to be well balanced, yet, if they are, the results are delicious.

About Elephant Orange Cocoa

The 2021 Elephant Orange Cocoa Gin comes in the classic, distinctive Elephant bottle, but the cap is slightly different and more colorful.

Like for every Elephant Gin, the label is handwritten. Moreover, for the Orange Cocoa version, you will also get a handcrafted, authentic Maasai bead. Those are authentic, handmade beads made by three women from a Kenyan Maasai tribe.

Also, like the standard Elephant Gin, you will find a name of an Elephant. Either it's one that's in a conservation program, or it is to honor one that already has died.


As mentioned, Elephant Orange and Cocoa Gin is based on their classic London Dry Gin. This Gin is handcrafted with 14 thoughtfully selected botanicals, including Buchu and Apple. 

The herbal notes of the London Dry Gin are complemented by fresh organic oranges from Spain, adding complexity with highly aromatic and crisp notes. 

During the production process, whole oranges are vacuum distilled, which creates an intensely aromatic spirit. The roasted Cocoa beans add a surprisingly intensive and pronounced chocolate flavor.

Tasting Notes of Elephant Orange Cocoa

The nose is mild but slightly sweet and fruity, while fresh and strong orange notes dominate. 

It's a vibrant mix of Orange peel, candied orange, and orange juice. And there are also hints of vanilla and tangerine. Overall I would say the Gin has a pleasant and surprising smell.

Drank neat, Elephant Orange & Cocoa offers a light and soft mouthfeel. It immediately reminds me of summer and blood oranges. 

It is a bit zestier than in the nose. However, flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and almonds balance it quite well. It's slightly on the sweet side, but not too much.

Those velvety chocolate flavors are a perfect match to balance the fresh orange notes. 

To me, the combination somewhat resembled the taste of Jaffa orange cake. A quite unexpected comparison, perhaps, but it's the first thing that came to mind - and I like them. Plus, it's proof that the flavor combination works.

Combined with Mediterranean Tonic water, Elephant Orange Cocoa Gin makes for a great Summer G&T with some extra complexity. It's perfect if you're looking for a light and citrusy summer Gin and Tonic.

Final Note

I love the London Dry Gin from Elephant, and I totally enjoy this new version. Not despite, but because they both taste very differently. 

And getting a brilliant Gin, plus the fact that 15% of the profits go to African elephant conservation, are more than enough reasons to buy one and test it yourself. 

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