Ultimate Guide to Tanqueray London Dry Gin

By Timo Torner / Last updated on April 6, 2023

Tanqueray is an old Gin brand with a rich history. The recipe is almost 200 years old and the result of countless experiments. Here are some crucial things you need to know about Tanqueray Gin.
Tanqueray Gin - London Dry with four botanicals

Tanqueray Gin was first produced in 1830 when founder Charles Tanqueray built a distillery in Bloomsbury, London. Almost 200 years later, Tanqueray is still doing pretty well as one of the best-selling British Gin brands.

Among industry giants like Gordon's, Bombay Sapphire, and Beefeater, Tanqueray constantly ranks in the Top 4 best-selling Gins in the world. And just like them, Tanqueray has a distinct taste and branding.

The London Dry Gin comes in a flashy green bottle reminiscent of the shape of a three-part cobbler shaker. The design is completed by a classic, elegant label and a red wax seal, marking Charles Tanqueray's name and acting as a symbol of quality.

Quick Facts

  • Produced by: Diageo plc
  • Distilled at: Cameron Bridge Distillery in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Style: London Dry Gin
  • ABV: 40% (AU, NZ, and CA), 43.1% (UK & EU), 47.3%(US)
  • Spirit base: Wheat-based neutral spirit
  • Taste: Juniper, pine, lemon zest
  • Best served: Gin and Tonic


Tanqueray Gin is made of only four botanicals: juniper, angelica roots, coriander, and licorice. The complexity of the final product is far from simple, though. The bouquet has a variety of aromas and flavors, like citrus fruit peels from lemons and/or limes. 

To get to this simple yet elegant formula, Charles Tanqueray tried and tested more than 300 recipes until he found the perfect one for his Gin. This long period of testing ultimately paid off: Tanqueray Gin is still produced according to the original recipe.

How Tanqueray is produced

Tanqueray Gin is a traditional London Dry Gin and is basically a double-distilled grain spirit. For the second distillation, the botanicals are added to the mix.

Interestingly, the botanicals in Tanqueray are not macerated or infused into the alcoholic base. Instead, they're distilled immediately after being added to the base spirit.


Tanqueray's London Dry Gin has a dominant junipery and piney taste with hints of lemon zest. Despite this strong juniper note, the flavors in the Gin are perfectly balanced, which makes Tanqueray an excellent Gin for mixing cocktails.

The nose of Tanqueray is very junipery. You'll hardly come across another product with a similarly juniper-forward aroma, which is complemented by lemon notes, angelica, and pine.

On the palate, juniper flavors dominate at first. Then a more complex taste of cinnamon, pine, and coriander takes over. The finish is comparably long and warm, with slightly spicy notes.

Different expressions of Tanqueray Gin

London Dry is the most popular product from Tanqueray. Yet, Tanqueray 10 is another brilliant Gin with slightly more complexity and refreshing citrus notes. Here's a quick overview of these two and other Tanqueray Gin products. 

Tanqueray London Dry Gin

Tanqueray London Dry Gin bottle

The classic! This London Dry Gin is one of the most popular Gins to mix in a cocktail and a stellar choice for a G&T. It's also a valid option in a Dry Martini or a Negroni.

Tanqueray No Ten

Tanqueray No Ten Gin bottle on white background

Tanqueray No 10 is our favorite from Tanqueray. It is flavored with a total of 8 botanicals, bringing complexity to the Gin and refreshing citrus notes from lemons and limes. With the release of this premium gin Tanqueray aimed to target the Martini market. The bright and citrusy flavors of this expression has certainly helped to accomplish this task.

Tanqueray Rangpur

Tanqueray Rangpur Gin

Rangpur lime, bay leaves, and ginger make this Asian-inspired Gin truly special. It's an excellent choice in a Gin Rickey but also works great in a White Negroni cocktail.

Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla 

Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla Gin bottle

Tanqueray Sevilla Orange is a beautiful summer Gin. The bittersweet flavors of oranges in the spirit are perfect for a refreshing summer-themed Gin Tonic.

Tanqueray Blackcurrant Royale

Tanqueray Blackcurrant Royale Distilled Gin bottle

Introduced in 2021, the concept and flavor profile of this expression is quite unique and far from a classic Gin. Floral aromas of orchids paired with warm flavors of blackcurrant and vanilla guarantee a unique taste profile.

Tanqueray 0.0%

Tanqueray 0.0% non-alcoholic Gin alternative bottle

Tanqueray 0.0% is the company's first take on non-alcoholic Gin. While this is not an ideal replacement for drinking straight, the alcohol-free expression tastes amazingly well when paired with tonic water. Certainly one of the better non-alcoholic spirits on the market right now.

Tanqueray Old Tom Gin

Limited Tanqueray Old Tom Gin

Tanqueray's Old Tom expression was a limited edition release of exactly 100,000 bottles that was launched back in 2014. It was a creative recreation of their original recipe made in way to resemble the classic Old Tom style from the 1920s. Tanqueray used beet sugar to sweeten the gin and also used another water source to dilute it to bottle strength.

Tanqueray Malacca

Tanqueray Malacca gin bottle

Based on a recipe from the 1830s Tanqueray Malacca was another limited edition release from Tanqueray which was launched in 1990. It was less juniper forward than Tanqueray's classic expressions and had a nice mix of spices and tangy grapefruit notes instead. After it was discontinued it came back in 2013 only to vanish once more just a few years later. You still can get some of these bottles but it's getting harder by the day.

How much is Tanqueray Gin?

Like many other classic Gins, Tanqueray is actually quite affordable. The standard expression often sells for $15 per bottle or less. For a more detailed view of the different bottle sizes and prices of Tanqueray Gin, check out the price chart below.

Gin Type Size ABV Proof Price
Tanqueray London Dry Gin 750ml 47,3 94.6 $15 - $20
1.75ltr 47,3 94.6 $25 - $30
Tanqueray No 10 750ml 47,3 94.6 $35
1.75ltr 47,3 94.6 $50 - $60
Tanqueray Rangpur 750ml 41.3% 82.6 $20 - $25
1.75ltr 41.3% 82.6 $35 - $40
Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla 750ml 41.3% 82.6 $25 - $30
Tanqueray Blackcurrant Royale 750ml 41.3% 82.6 $15 - $25
Tanqueray 0.0% 750ml 0% 0 $25 - $35


Charles Tanqueray started distilling his Gin in 1830 on Vine Street in Bloomsbury, London. After experimenting with more than 300 different recipes, he decided on a simple formula of only four botanicals.

There, the Gin was produced until the bombing during World War II destroyed most of the distillery. Yet, one sturdy still survived the bombing from 1941 and is still in use today. Nevertheless, Tanqueray moved production to Cameron Bridge, near Edinburgh in Scotland. And with it, they also moved the old still, lovingly named Old Tom.

In 2016, Tanqueray Gin was the best-selling Gin in the world. It was the first time they outperformed Beefeater Gin and all other competitors. Today, both brands still strongly compete for that title every year. But in 2022, Gordon's claimed the top spot, just ahead of Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, and Beefeater.

How to drink Tanqueray Gin

Tanqueray is fantastic for making Gin cocktails. A Gin and Tonic is the obvious choice, and there are plenty of cocktail recipes going well with it; -One of them is the Dry Martini

In the US, a Martini cocktail and Tanqueray are closely linked. That's even one reason for the brand's massive success there. Here are some other drinks to make with Tanqueray:


What sizes are Tanqueray Gin bottles?

Tanqueray Gin is typically available in 750ml bottles and 1.75ltr bottles. Sometimes you can also get miniature bottles that contain 40ml per piece.

How to store Tanqueray Gin?

You don't need to store it in the fridge. Instead, keep the Gin in a dark and dry space at room temperature.

Is Tanqueray vegan?

Tanqueray Gin is most likely vegan-friendly. However, the company states that they don't test their product, thus, unable to claim that their product is vegan.

Is Tanqueray Gin gluten-free?

No. Unfortunately, Tanqueray Gin is not gluten-free.

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