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The best alternatives to a cocktail shaker

Making cocktails without using a cocktail shaker is a bit tricky. But with these substitutes, you can shake up your favorite mixed drinks without having to order new equipment.

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The 5 Best Cocktail Shaker Sets

Your home bar isn't complete with the right tools. But instead of buying all the cocktail tools you need separately, you can also get yourself a perfect cocktail shaker set.

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Types of bar spoons and how they're different

The bar spoon is one of the essential tools every bartender needs. If you want to measure ingredients or prepare a stirred drink like a Martini or Negroni, you cannot do without a bar spoon.

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The Cocktail Jigger - Essential Bar Tool for your Home Bar

Mixing a cocktail is a craft that requires precision. Adding too much sweetness, bitter components or sour juices can quickly ruin what could have been a true delight. And that is why a jigger is an essential and indispensable bar tool.

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Cocktail Strainer - Know your Bar Tools

When shaking cocktails, a strainer is unquestionably absolutely vital. But with so many different types of cocktail strainers it can be hard to decide which you need when starting your home bar. So let me help you out.

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How to separate a Cocktail Shaker when stuck

Your cocktail shaker is stuck and you don't know how to open it without ruining your drink - and possibly the shaker, too? That happens to the best. And don't worry, there are some tricks how you can get your drink out of that tin in once piece, after all.

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The perfect Cocktail Pick - this is what you need to know

Cocktail picks made of metal are a common and popular way to garnish your drink. They are decorative, practical, and sustainable, too. But what does make a good cocktail pick?

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Different Types of Cocktail Shakers - From Boston to Parisian

Spirits, juices, and syrups are essential ingredients for making cocktails. But without our precious cocktail shakers, there wouldn't be any cocktails for us to sip. Every bar and restaurant serving cocktails relies on them to mix and blend the ingredients of their drinks. Cocktail shakers come in various types, colors, materials, and shapes. There seem […]

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