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A complete Guide to Tequila

Tequila is a distilled spirit made with the Blue Weber agave and can only be produced in 5 regions in Mexico. Find more in this guide on the popular agave spirit.

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A complete Guide to Vodka

Vodka is a neutral spirit often made from grains, potatoes, and other ingredients. Its taste and aroma are almost neutral, making Vodka one of the most popular spirits in the world.

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A complete Guide to Rum

Rum is one of the most diverse spirits. The liquor made from sugarcane comes in many different types and styles. Let's learn what Rum is all about.

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A Complete Guide to Gin

Gin is a juniper-infused spirit flavored with different botanicals. It's a tremendously versatile liquor, available in countless types, styles, and flavor profiles amongst Gins.

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What is Solera Rum

If you're a lover of good Rum, chances are you already came across some Solera Rums. The specific method of aging and blending beverages is key for many Rums, especially those from Latin America.

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How to make Bacon fat-washed Bourbon

Bacon fat-washed Bourbon was the spirit that introduced the world of cocktails to the concept of fat washing. First created by Don Lee, it's the base of his Benton's Old Fashioned cocktail.

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Pernod vs Absinthe

Even though Pernod and Absinthe are often used interchangeably in cocktail recipes, the two are not the same. But where's the difference? And why the confusion?

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The 16 Best Rum for Daiquiri cocktails

Regardless if you want to make a traditional version or a fruity twist - the Daiquiri is one of the most iconic Rum cocktails. It's a perfect and simple recipe consisting of only three ingredients.

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Best Rye Whiskey for Old Fashioned cocktails

A great Old Fashioned heavily relies on its base spirit. Choosing the best Rye Whiskey base will vastly enhance the taste of your cocktail.

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Best Polish Vodka

Vodka is a great spirit and ingredient in many classic and contemporary drinks. And although many think it's Russian, Polish Vodka might have been there first.

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