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The 21 Best Rum Cocktails

From classics like the Mojito and the Daiquiri to Tiki Drinks like the Dark & Stormy and the Cobra's Fang, here's a list of the best recipes for Rum Cocktails.

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The 11 Best Fall Cocktails

You look for the best cocktails to serve during fall when the days get shorter and the nights colder? Then you came to the right place. We listed our favorite drinks to make in autumn.

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Queen's Park Swizzle

This classic Swizzle cocktail based on Rum is named after the place where it was invented. The Queen's Park Swizzle is a minty, Rum-based Swizzle floated with Angostura bitters. The base of this drink is a rich, aged Demerara Rum. If you choose a bottle with a higher ABV, then you can further uplift the […]

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Swizzle Drinks explained

A Swizzle is a Caribbean sour drink churned with the help of a Swizzle stick. This type of cocktail always comes with crushed ice and not ice cubes.

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Cobra's Fang Cocktail

The Cobra's Fang is an invention of Tiki legend Donn Beach. It is a tropical mix of two Rums, fruit syrup, citrus juice, Absinthe, and cocktail bitters.

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Ti' Punch

The Ti' Punch is a famous drink from the French-speaking part of the Caribbean. It's a cocktail made from Rhum Agricole, sugar cane syrup, and lime juice.

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Mary Pickford Cocktail

The Mary Pickford cocktail is a mix of Rum, pineapple, cherry, and grenadine. It honors the Canadian silent screen actress of the same name.

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The 12 best Sour Cocktails

Sour Cocktails will never get out of fashion. They are a prime example of how to pair ingredients to perfection, and you can find at least one version on the menu of any cocktail bar.

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Best Cocktails with Triple Sec

Have some orange liqueur handy? Then get your shakers out because here's a list of the best, easy-to-make cocktails with Triple Sec.

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9 Best Mule Cocktails

Spicy Mule cocktails won't ever go out of fashion. And besides the classic Moscow Mule, there are plenty of other versions that you can try.

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