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Cocktail Society is the home of amazing cocktails, and what’s better when throwing a party than some really fantastic drinks? We bring the best cocktail recipes home to you. We only publish recipes we tried and tested ourselves, to make sure you get the best version of your favorite drinks.

You can also find independent spirit and liquor recommendations for each recipe - based on our preferences and experience, not on paid product placements.

But it takes a lot more to making great cocktails - with or without alcohol - than just throwing some ingredients together. Thus, in our bartending section, we also cover additional topics that will help you create perfect drinks at home. We explain how to make crystal clear ice, explain all techniques to prepare stunning cocktail garnishes, and provide all our homemade syrup recipes that will lift your cocktails from good to excellent without overcomplicating the process.

Let's make cocktails!
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Why trust us?

Now certified bartenders and mixologists, we started our journey almost a decade ago with the most basic ingredients in our own kitchen and quickly discovered our passion for quality craft cocktails.

In the years that followed, we served hundreds of drinks to our friends and truly learned the art of mixing drinks. To share our passion and knowledge with you, we started Cocktail Society in 2017. Here, we cover the entire field: cocktail recipes, spirits & bar reviews, spirit recommendations, and bartending techniques and trends.

During the past 6 years, Cocktail Society has become one of the largest online communities for cocktails and mixology. As of 2023, we're reaching more than 3 million people every month across all our channels, inspiring aspiring home bartenders and professionals.

Every spirit we recommend and each recipe we publish is tried and tested by ourselves.

Who we are

Timo Torner at a table in Florence, Italy

Timo Torner - Founder

Timo is a certified bartender and the founder of Cocktail Society. Within the course of a decade he went from making his first craft drinks at home to serving amazing cocktail creations to friends and family to growing one of the largest online cocktail communities. 

He picked up countless recipes, bartending tips and tricks while traveling Europe, Asia and Latin America and he can mix up sensational Negronis and Piña Coladas. Have a look at his author profile.
Sina Torner at Tequila distillery

Sina Torner - Co-Founder

Sina is the co-founder of Cocktail Society, certified bartender and passionate traveler. She’s into low-ABV and non-alcoholic cocktails & also writes about liqueurs, garnishes, and bars around the world. 

Her favorite drink to make and to sip is a Continental Sour. Here’s Sina’s author profile.

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Editorial Guidelines

We are seriously passionate when it comes to our cocktail recipes, audience, and everything that has to do with making drinks at home. 

Every recipe, article, and recommendation posted on Cocktail Society is carefully chosen, researched and tested. We accept products to try for compensation, however, solely under the condition that we will publish our honest opinion of it.

Our informational and historical articles are thoroughly researched, fact-checked, and proofread. We dive deep and aim to deliver the best quality of information possible to help you make well-informed decisions. And we don’t publish anything biased or unfair.

We aim to create concise and easy-to-read articles that are as helpful for beginners as they are for experts. If you have any concerns about these editorial guidelines or would like to make a suggestion, please contact us via [email protected].

Comments on Cocktail Society

At Cocktail-Society.com we offer a comment section below each article. All comments are moderated and therefore are not approved automatically.

We do not allow the use of obscene and profane speech or personal attacks in our comments. We also don't allow advertorial comments and the distribution of false facts.

We also kindly ask you to refrain from posting personal or private information about yourself or others. In rare cases, we may have to edit your comments to prevent problems that may occur.

If you have questions or concerns about this process, don't hesitate to send us an email at [email protected].

Advertise with Us

Cocktail Society offers unique value to advertisers. A combination of scale, social media reputation, authenticity, credibility, and multi-language setup offers plenty of opportunities for partnerships.

We look for high-value, long-term partnerships with leading brands in the industry and brands that genuinely win us over with their quality. Please note that we don't offer favorable reviews in return for free products or other financial compensation. If we feel a product does not live up to what it promised, we will say so.

You are interested in advertising with us? Get in touch via email at [email protected].

Product Reviews

Our reviews of spirits, liqueurs, and other products are always independent and the result of thorough research and testing. 

We give our professional, unbiased opinion and do never accept free products in return for positive reviews. This way, we ensure that our recommendations always align with our standards. We do accept samples, but we cannot guarantee to include them on our page and if we do, we always give our fair and honest opinion.

Write for Us

We're always looking for writers that share our passion for craft cocktails and the liquor industry.

When pitching us article ideas, please clearly show us how your perspective is new, different, or unique ways. Try to answer the following questions in your pitch:

1. Why this topic?
2. Why post it on Cocktail Society?
3. Why is it the right time to write about this?
4. What is new or unique about this article?

We only look for well-researched articles that include informative and relevant resources. If you've never written for us before, please also include some clips of previously published work.

Simply contact us with the subject "Write for Cocktail Society" at [email protected].


You can contact us anytime for questions and suggestions. Please either use the information below or our contact form:

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