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Pox is a unique Mayan spirit created by the Tzotzil Mayans in Chiapas. With Tequila and Mezcal being on top of the list, Pox is one of the lesser-known spirits from Mexico. Even Sotol is more popular than this ancient

Hamburg is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. The home of the largest seaport in the country is more than just a gateway for trading. In rankings on quality of life, Hamburg is always among the top

If you are new to bartending and making cocktails, you will soon learn that most cocktail recipes ask for syrup. And simple syrup ranks high up on the list. It is one of the essential cocktail ingredients you should have

The classic Gin Gimlet cocktail is one of the most straightforward drinks to make. It's one of those cocktails everyone can make at home without buying many ingredients and without a lot of practice. The only elements of the traditional

We all know numerous types of alcoholic beverages. Beer, wine, and spirits are considered the main categories. And to make them, different techniques and steps are required like brewing, mashing, fermentation, distillation, or filtration. In the following, I will explain

The Martini is one of the most famous cocktails. Not only because of James Bond, but the movies sure played a role in making this drink so successful. The Martini is an excellent example of how to achieve great things

The Espresso Martini is presumably the most popular coffee-based cocktail in the world. The only drink coming close to it could be the Irish Coffee. And as its name suggests, the cocktail is built around a shot of espresso. And

Vodka is amongst the most popular types of spirits for decades. It's one of the spirits you should always have in stock at your home bar to make some fancy cocktails. Vodka is such an excellent liquor for making cocktails

The beauty of cocktail bitters is that just a few drops are enough to alter and enhance the flavor of your drink. You can create whole new layers of flavor just by using a dash of bitters. That is also

Classic cocktail recipes are marvelous! They often allow making amazing riffs that can elevate the traditional recipes by trying unconventional things. -Like the Coconut Negroni, that is a nice twist on the traditional Negroni cocktail. And the Dill Pickle Martini