Author: Timo

Seeing a bartender pouring Rainbow Shots is fascinating to watch. And if you know how to do it, you can easily make it at home. All you need is some practice and this guide on how to make the perfect

The Tequila Sunrise is famous for its bright colors mimicking a beautiful sunrise. But as fancy as it looks, the cocktail isn't exactly appreciated by everyone. So how to turn this subpar party drink into something actually enjoyable?

The Monkey Gland is an old-school cocktail that requires well-balanced measurements. It is one of the drinks that can be absolutely delicious if done the right way.

The Vesper Martini is a riff on the classic Martini and one of the cocktails James Bond ordered in one of the newer films. It is a classy and elegant drink with a fascinating history.

Inspired by the Mojito, the Old Cuban cocktail is a delicious Rum cocktail with notes of mint. A classy drink topped with some fine bubbly Champagne.

Just before the holiday season starts, it is about time to check out some delightful Thanksgiving Cocktails. I put together my favorites for you to mix at home - or find inspiration and do your own twist on them.

Campari is a deep red and bitter liqueur made in Italy. The bitter spirit is made by infusing a variety of herbs and fruits in a mix of alcohol and water.

The Fernandito is a simple, tasty Highball cocktail made of Fernet Branca and Coca-Cola. Even though consisting of only these two ingredients, the taste of the Fernandito still is complex.

The Penicillin is a crazy good Whiskey cocktail. A Scotch cocktail mixed with honey, ginger, and fresh lemon juice.

The New York Sour is one of my favorite sour cocktails. It is a beautiful Whiskey Sour topped with a lush red wine float, and the flavors are just perfectly balanced.