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Homemade Maraschino Cherries

Homemade Maraschino cherries are a beautiful alternative to the store-bought versions. And with this recipe, it's easier to do that than you might think.

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What are Maraschino Cherries

The sweet and flavorsome Maraschino cherries are among the most common and popular cocktail garnishes.

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Sal de Gusano - The Agave Worm Salt served with Mezcal

Sal de Gusano, or worm salt, is traditionally served alongside Mezcal. Sprinkled over fresh slices of oranges, it's the perfect complement to the agave spirit.

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Flower Garnish for Cocktails

Flower garnishes are an elegant, versatile, and pretty way to decorate your cocktails. You can use so many different plants in many ways and manners - it's sheer endless.

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Ice Cube Stamps - Garnish your Cocktails with Branded Ice

Ice cube stamps are a creative and eye-catching way to upgrade and personalize your cocktails. Here's all you need to know to add a frozen label to your drinks.

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Dusting Cocktail Glasses - Creative Garnish for your Cocktails

Dusting cocktail glasses elevate the visual of every drink. It's easy and versatile. So, with little effort, you can lift your cocktail to the next level and also add some extra flavor to it.

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