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Montreal Cocktail

The Montreal cocktail is a bittersweet, stirred apéritif cocktail made with Aperol, Gin, Rye Whisky, and French Gentian liqueur. A group of bartenders invented the drink to celebrate Montreal's 375th birthday.

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Aperol Sour

This Aperol Sour is a great summer cocktail based on Aperol and Gin and sweetened with a tasty Prosecco syrup. A low-ABV and floral drink that makes for a perfect apéritif.

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Aperol Negroni

This tasty Aperol Negroni is a spin on the traditional Negroni recipe. It's a delicious Aperol Gin cocktail that's less boozy and bitter than the classic version.

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Aperol Gin & Tonic

The Aperol Gin and Tonic is a colored twist on the classic G&T. The addition of the bitter liqueur not only adds a nice visual touch but also lends the drink complexity.

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Angel Face Cocktail

The Angel Face Cocktail is a fruity drink made with Calvados, Apricot Brandy, and Gin. It's neither on the sweet nor the dry side but right in between and nicely balanced.

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Pink Gin Sour Cocktail

Making a Gin Sour cocktail is standard in almost every bar. But making an excellent Gin Sour is a piece of art. And with this recipe, you can lift your homemade Gin Sour to new levels.

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Espresso Gin & Tonic

Can't decide to go with an iced coffee or an afternoon cocktail? Here's a both-in-one drink: the Espresso Gin & Tonic is a caffeinated take on the classic Gin Highball.

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The Necromancer Cocktail

The Necromancer cocktail, quite the contrary to what the name suggests, is floral and easy to drink. It combines mellow elderflower liqueur with mystic Absinthe.

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Original Tuxedo Cocktail

The Tuxedo Cocktail is an elegant and complex drink with a slight orange shade, composed of Gin, Dry Vermouth, Maraschino Liqueur, Absinthe, and orange bitters.

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The 12 best Sour Cocktails

Sour Cocktails will never get out of fashion. They are a prime example of how to pair ingredients to perfection, and you can find at least one version on the menu of any cocktail bar.

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