Cocktail shakers usually are easy to use. Especially Boston Shakers and Tin-Tin Shakers because they only have two pieces. However, to separate a cocktail shaker can be tricky. It might happen from time to time that your shaker is stuck,

Does a bartender drink during his shift? Most of us wouldn't even think about drinking during our working shifts. There are a few exceptions, though, and being a barkeeper is one of them. But it is not always up to

A cocktail pick, also called a cocktail stick, is often used in bars as a skewer to spear garnish fruits for cocktails. It's a thin, elongated piercing tool with a decorative handle at the top. A cocktail pick can come

In this post I'll discuss the different types of cocktail shakers on the market. Cobbler Shaker, French shaker, tin on tin shaker or a Classic Boston shaker? When you’re about to buy a Cocktail shaker you’ll find a huge variety

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