Manhattan Cocktail History


The Shirley Temple Cocktail

The Shirley Temple Cocktail actually is a Mocktail and one of the best-known alcohol-free bar drinks. It's a mix of ginger ale, lime juice, and grenadine.

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All you need to know about Collins Cocktails

All Collins Cocktails are refreshing sour cocktails following the same pattern: they are always a combination of a base spirit, lemon, a syrup, and carbonated water.

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Tom Collins and John Collins: What's the difference?

Tom Collins and John Collins somehow refer to the same drink. And then they do not. Read here what's the story behind the two cocktails.

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Best budget alternatives to Baileys Irish Cream

Baileys is, without a doubt, the best-known Irish Cream liqueur on the market. But sometimes, you need -or want- to replace it, and we have the best budget alternatives to Baileys listed for you.

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Ancho Reyes - Chile Liqueur from Mexico

Ancho Reyes is a spicy Mexican liqueur made of Ancho chiles. The highly unusual flavor profile and spicy taste made it an instant bartender favorite.

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Safari Liqueur

Fans of fruity liqueurs should not miss out on the Safari liqueur. Rich, round, and sweetly accented, it reveals the aroma and taste of tropical fruits such as mango, papaya, passion fruit, and lime.

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The best alternatives to a cocktail shaker

Making cocktails without using a cocktail shaker is a bit tricky. But with these substitutes, you can shake up your favorite mixed drinks without having to order new equipment.

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The 5 Best Cocktail Shaker Sets

Your home bar isn't complete with the right tools. But instead of buying all the cocktail tools you need separately, you can also get yourself a perfect cocktail shaker set.

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Types of bar spoons and how they're different

The bar spoon is one of the essential tools every bartender needs. If you want to measure ingredients or prepare a stirred drink like a Martini or Negroni, you cannot do without a bar spoon.

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