Manhattan Cocktail History


The 21 Best Rum Cocktails

From classics like the Mojito and the Daiquiri to Tiki Drinks like the Dark & Stormy and the Cobra's Fang, here's a list of the best recipes for Rum Cocktails.

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Montreal Cocktail

The Montreal cocktail is a bittersweet, stirred apéritif cocktail made with Aperol, Gin, Rye Whisky, and French Gentian liqueur. A group of bartenders invented the drink to celebrate Montreal's 375th birthday.

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Aperol Sour

This Aperol Sour is a great summer cocktail based on Aperol and Gin and sweetened with a tasty Prosecco syrup. A low-ABV and floral drink that makes for a perfect apéritif.

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A complete Guide to Tequila

Tequila is a distilled spirit made with the Blue Weber agave and can only be produced in 5 regions in Mexico. Find more in this guide on the popular agave spirit.

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A complete Guide to Vodka

Vodka is a neutral spirit often made from grains, potatoes, and other ingredients. Its taste and aroma are almost neutral, making Vodka one of the most popular spirits in the world.

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A complete Guide to Rum

Rum is one of the most diverse spirits. The liquor made from sugarcane comes in many different types and styles. Let's learn what Rum is all about.

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The Tin-on-Tin Cocktail Shaker

The tin-on-tin shaker is presumably the most used cocktail shaker in bars around the globe. The easy handling and its sturdiness make it a perfect tool for high-frequency cocktail bars.

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Cobbler Shaker - A three piece Cocktail Shaker most popular in Japan

The Cobbler Shaker is probably the most common cocktail shaker in home bars. The shaker is also referred to as a 3-piece cocktail shaker and has a built-in strainer for convenience.

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The Parisian or French Cocktail Shaker

The Parisian Shaker is presumably the most classy tool to shake up cocktails. But there's more to it than elegance.

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