Manhattan Cocktail History


Cement Mixer Shot

The Cement Mixer shot is one of the most popular and one of the most horrendous shots at the same time. A polarizing drink that actually doesn’t taste as bad as you might think.

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Espresso Gin & Tonic

Can't decide to go with an iced coffee or an afternoon cocktail? Here's a both-in-one drink: the Espresso Gin & Tonic is a caffeinated take on the classic Gin Highball.

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Classic Chelada - A Mexican Beer Cocktail made with Lime

A Chelada is a cocktail from Mexico made with beer, lime juice, and a salt rim. A refreshing and unique way to enjoy a cold beer.

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The 8 ways to drink Shochu

Shochu is a distilled liquor from Japan. Unlike Sake, Shochu is relatively unknown, and even fewer people know how to drink it.

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Best Shochu to try in 2022

Shochu is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Japan. There, Shochu is even more popular than Sake and Whisky.

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Homemade Allspice Dram

Allspice Dram is a rum-based liqueur flavored with allspice berries. The liqueur, also known as Pimento Dram, adds a bold, sweet, and spicy touch to cocktails.

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Cobbler Shaker - A three piece Cocktail Shaker most popular in Japan

The Cobbler Shaker is probably the most common cocktail shaker in home bars. The shaker is also referred to as a 3-piece cocktail shaker and has a built-in strainer for convenience.

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The Parisian or French Cocktail Shaker

The Parisian Shaker is presumably the most classy tool to shake up cocktails. But there's more to it than elegance.

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The best alternatives to a cocktail shaker

Making cocktails without using a cocktail shaker is a bit tricky. But with these substitutes, you can shake up your favorite mixed drinks without having to order new equipment.

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