6 Must-visit Cocktail Bars in Florence

By Sina Torner / Last updated on March 21, 2023

Here are the must-visit cocktail bars in Florence. The jewel of a city is located in the heart of Tuscany and is one of the most beautiful places in Italy.
Cocktail bars in Florence

When in Italy, do not miss out on visiting the Tuscan capital. And while you're there, you absolutely have to visit one of the many cocktail bars in Florence.

The city is one of the culturally most relevant cities in Italy. It's packed with churches, museums, art galleries, and beautiful old buildings. 

It is famous for the Medici family, Michelangelo, and also for its cocktails. -Especially for the Negroni.

Our favorite Cocktail Bars in Florence

So, here are our favorite cocktail bars in Florence, where you can find many more delightful drinks apart from the Florentine classic made with Gin, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth.

1. MayDay Club

MayDay Club Bar Florence

MayDay Club opened its doors in 2001 and since then has become one of Florence's best bars for craft cocktails. 

The almost unconventional (almost chaotically excentric) interior design with velvet pop art from the 70s, a stagy light concept, and old radio technique set the mood for a unique drinking experience.

The owner, Marco Arduino, has a background in alchemy and perfumery which you can sense in his creative cocktail compositions. The cocktail menu is spectacular -You find parmesan, saffron, and beetroot next to apricot, hazelnut, and ginseng. 

It's also sensational when it comes to value for money. Cocktails start at €10.

2. Rasputin

Rasputin Florence

Rasputin is one of the first names that come to mind when thinking about cocktail bars in Florence. It's a unique speakeasy experience in town - remember, there was no prohibition in Italy. 

It's a secret bar with vintage Siberian furniture and a cozy atmosphere in the Santo Spirito district close to Palazzo Pitti. Their craft cocktails are more on the pricey side but creative and delicious. 

You have to make a reservation to get details on how to find the bar. Booking a table is also recommended, as there's not much space in the dimly lit and mystic vaulted cellar.

Cocktails start from €15. 

3. Manifattura

Manifattura Bar Florence

The team behind Manifattura Firenze pride themselves on serving only Italian spirits and liqueurs in their cocktail bar located at the Piazza di San Pancrazio in the Old Town of Florence.

The interior design is modern and clean with marble surfaces, glass shelves, and stone floors. They also have an outdoor sitting area where you can enjoy their superb craft cocktails - each served with a small tag.

And if the delicious all-Italian drinks should make you hungry, Manifattura also offers excellent food and bar bites.

Cocktails start from €12. 

4. Bitter Bar

Bitter Bar Florence

Bitter Bar is a classic speakeasy-themed bar, dimly lit with a cozy 1920-style interior design featuring comfy couches and armchairs next to vintage wooden furniture.

Owner and bartender Cristian Guitti knows his craft and serves delicious cocktails, some with rare ingredients like caper salt and white chocolate foam. And you will find many film- and television-inspired names on the menu with drinks like the Better Call Saul or Woody Allen.

It goes without saying that you can also ask for more classic compositions like a Negroni or a Martini. But I recommend first trying a creation from the menu.

Cocktails start at €15.

5. Vanilla Club Speakeasy

The Vanilla Club is an excellent cocktail bar and a fun place to visit as they take the concept of a secret bar during prohibition times quite seriously.

The entrance on Via dei Saponai is hard to spot, so remember: when the lantern is lit, Vanilla Club is open. 

Further, there are three rules to enter, all of which are non-negotiable. I can tell you this much, don't ask for booze and do your research in advance because the third rule is subject to change.

But if you can pass the strict entrance inspection, you're in for a true delight. The atmosphere is intimate and relaxed with a 1920 vibe. You're also invited to engage with the other guests. 

The craft cocktails are amazingly delicious. Some of them also come in vintage china to disguise the fact that they contain alcohol.

Cocktails start at €10.

6. Love Craft

Love Craft Whiskey Bars

Admittedly, Love Craft is not a classic Cocktail Bar. But it's a must-visit for every Whiskey lover. We have to include it on this list because it is such a brilliant place.

The Whiskey Bar is on a narrow street across the Ponte alla Carraria, only two bridges down from the famous Ponte Vecchio.

They have a massive selection of Whiskey from everywhere around the world. You can order them neat or enjoy them incorporated in fantastic Whiskey craft cocktails. 

Prices for cocktails are around €10. If you prefer to sip your Whiskey neat, you get a glass for as little as €3 and premium Whiskey for up to €30.

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