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10 Best Scotch cocktails

This collection of Scotch cocktails includes classic recipes and modern riffs, all based on the Whisky from Scotland. They have a deliciously smoky note and are a treat for everyone - Scotch aficionado and Newby.

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Grapefruit Pisco Collins

The Pisco Collins Cocktail is another member of the Collins Family. And when you mix it with grapefruit, you get a twist that's even more refreshing.

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Pisco Punch

The Pisco Punch is a flavorful, tropical version of a Sour cocktail, made with pineapple, lime, sugar syrup, Pisco, and gum arabic. It's been one of the favorite cocktails during the American Gold Rush.

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Ti' Punch

The Ti' Punch is a famous drink from the French-speaking part of the Caribbean. It's a cocktail made from Rhum Agricole, sugar cane syrup, and lime juice.

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Scotch Collins aka the Sandy Collins

The Scotch Collins is an excellent Scotch cocktail that's often also referred to as Sandy Collins or Jock Collins. A refreshing drink balanced with lemon juice and chilled soda water.

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Scotch Sour cocktail

The Scotch Sour is an often disregarded version of the Whiskey Sour. It's a great Whiskey Sour recipe with smoky notes from peated Scotch.

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Screaming Orgasm Cocktail

The Screaming Orgasm Cocktail is a drink with a controversial name and a long list of sweet and boozy ingredients.

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Scotch Old Fashioned

Read how to make an excellent Scotch Old Fashioned. This riff on the classic cocktail has perfect balance without being too inventive.

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Smoky Martini

The Smoky Martini is a riff on the Martini that adds peated Scotch Whisky. A beautiful way to spice up the classic Dry Martini recipe.

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Soho House Picante de la Casa

The Soho House Picante de la Casa Cocktail is a spicy Margarita-style drink that packs a punch. And it combines some of the most traditional flavors of Mexico.

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