The Best Gin and Tonic Glass

By Timo Torner / Last updated on December 4, 2023

There are countless Gins on the market, and the choice of possible Gin glasses seems almost equally as big and overwhelming. So, is there an ideal Gin and Tonic Glass?
Best Gin and Tonic glass

Gin & Tonic has been a trending Highball cocktail for the past couple of years, and it is also a perfect cocktail for summer days. 

And as the popularity of Gin and Gin & Tonic grew, the selection of glasses got bigger and bigger, as well. 

People often ask me what the best glass for a Gin and Tonic is. And, in fact, I do have a preference. But there are multiple options that all work great.

I'll cover the pros and cons of each type. And there is also a glass you should get for a new experience of tasting Gin and Tonics.

Does a Glass Make a Difference For a Gin and Tonic?

The short answer is, yes, it makes a difference. The choice of your Gin and Tonic glass defines how you drink it.

The size of the opening has an impact on how you can smell the ingredients and botanicals. And a glass with a larger volume gives you more space for ice and botanicals.

Types of Gin and Tonic glasses

Different Types of Gin and Tonic Glasses

There are four different kinds of glasses to serve a Gin & Tonic. The Highball glass, Long drink glass, Rocks glass, and the Copa.

Plus, there's also a special glass I want to show you. Let's start with the best Gin and Tonic glasses.

Highball Glass

Since Gin Tonic is a classic highball drink, the highball glass is a natural choice. And it is indeed a great fit for a classic G&T.

The slim and tall shape is still a popular choice in many bars around the globe to serve a Gin and Tonic.

Gin and Tonic highball glass

Yet, the Highball glass offers a relatively small volume. Especially when you add ice, the drink size gets pretty small.

Nonetheless, it has its benefits. If you can't stop yourself from constantly keeping your hand on it, the shape ensures your drink will be cold and fresh until you finish your drink.

Garnishing and botanicals are possible with this glass but are usually puristic. A slice of lime, lemon, or cucumber - that's it.

Long Drink Glass

The shape of a long drink glass is similar to a Highball glass. However, it is generally larger.

It has a wider opening, is taller, and gives a lot more space and volume. Therefore, adding garnishes and botanicals to your G&T is much easier with along drink glass than with a highball glass.

Thanks to the wider opening, you can also smell the aromas of the botanicals more intensely.

A few years ago, heavy crystal long drink glasses trended and had been the number one favorite glass for a Gin and Tonic.

I also have them in my collection of cocktail glasses to serve Gin Tonics. They're robust, elegant, and have a decent size.

Copa Glass

This one is currently my favorite G&T glass. The Copa, or Copa de Balon in Spanish, is a more modern Gin and Tonic glass. It first popped up in Spain, but you can find it everywhere now.

The Copa glass offers much volume and space, which allows you to add lots of ice and botanicals. That also allows the creation of extravagant garnishes for a top-notch visual effect.

Gin Tonic recipe

With its large opening and distinct shape, you can smell the Gin Tonic and the botanicals with every sip. So while enjoying the refreshing taste of your drink, you can also savor its vibrant fragrance.

And that's not all. The large ice cubes you can put into the glass will keep your drink chilled for a long time. Because you usually hold the glass at its stem, you're not warming up your Gin & Tonic glass while sipping.

Old Fashioned or Rocks Glass

The Old Fashioned or Rocks glass is another good option for a G&T. Some people swear on rocks glasses and never go with anything else.

Gin and Tonic rocks glass

That sometimes feels a bit strange to me, though. Don't get me wrong. A rock glass is perfectly alright to serve a Gin Tonic. But the low volume combined with a wide opening makes for a completely different experience.

Of course, your G&T won't taste bad. But still, I find a Copa or Longdrink glass preferable.

A Special Mention - The Gin and Tonic Tasting Glass

The glass factory Eisch has created a tailored Gin and Tonic tasting glass. It's designed to be the perfect vessel to taste the spirit neat. But it also works when drinking a Gin and Tonic.

The mouthblown lower part is a small Copa shape. This bowl offers room so the Gin can unfold its aroma.

Then the chimney gets a bit wider from bottom to top. That way, you can smell the different flavors and aromas perfectly.

The trick here is adding tonic water gradually after having tasted your Gin of choice neatly. The wider opening lets you add a couple of ice cubes before pouring the mixer.

The glass is designed to create a different taste with every sip you take. Like that, you have a new balance between spirit and Tonic until you reach the perfect proportions. It's a clever approach to a Gin and Tonic glass.

So, Which one is the Best?

The Gin and Tonic tasting glass is brilliant for tastings. But for serving some amazing Gin and Tonics, I recommend getting Copa glasses and/or long drink glasses.

Both work perfectly with a Gin and Tonic, and both are versatile. So you can use them for many other drinks, as well.

As I said already, for me, the Copa is the best Gin and Tonic glass. It's elegant, can carry lots of ice, offers room for garnish and botanicals, and it simply screams Summertime G&T.

I will show you the Copa glass I have in my home bar below. Also, if you prefer another style, I listed my recommendations for these.

Gin and Tonic Glass recommendations

Copa Glass by Schott

Copa de Balon Glass by Schott Zwiesel

That is my favorite and most used glass for serving Gin and Tonics. It is a brand from Germany that produces top-quality glassware.

Schott also patented the Tritan Glass material. That makes glassware shinier and easier to clean.

Even though their Copa glasses are super thin and huge, you can conveniently put them into your dishwasher without a worry.

The glass is big and has an extra-wide opening that lets you smell the beautiful fragrance while you sip your ice-cold Gin and Tonic.

Krosno Gin Tonic balloon

Gin Tonic Balloon by KROSNO

A smaller Copa glass that is also very elegant. It is easier to handle but offers less space to add ice and garnishes.

It's a good choice for everyone who prefers a smaller beverage size but still wants to serve their G&T in a Copa glass.

Long Drink glass Sculpture by Nachtmann

Scuplture Long Drink Glass by Nachtmann

The Nachtmann Long Drink glasses are excellent. They are of high-quality, heavy crystal glass and made to last a lifetime. 

You can get them in many different styles, not only in the Sculpture design. If you don't like the distinctive design, check out the classy Nachtmann Noblesse line.

Italian Highball glass by Paksh

Italian Highball Glasses by Paksh

The Highball glasses from Paksh are as classic as it gets. Clean and elegant without any bells and whistles.

So, if you don't have some tasteful Highball glasses, they are a great option. They're also great value for money.

Rocks glass by Riedel

Rocks Glass by Riedel

I'm not a massive fan of using a Rocks glass to serve Gin and Tonic. But perhaps you are. And in that case, these rocks glasses by Riedel are quite something. 

The Riedel Rocks - or Old Fashioned- glass offer the highest quality and great design. They feel right as soon as you get your hands on them. 

And if you should be in the mood for a Negroni, these are a sensational fit for that, too.

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