The 6 Best Vermouth for Your Next Negroni

By Timo Torner / Last updated on March 20, 2023

Easy to make but complex in taste. The Negroni is one of the best and easiest drinks to make at home. The simple recipe of Gin, Sweet Vermouth, and Campari still leaves plenty of room for experiments.
Best Vermouth for Negroni next to Negroni cocktail

The equal-part template of the Negroni makes the cocktail a perfect drink to experiment with in your home bar. Historically, Campari is a fixed part of the recipe for most bartenders, whereas the choice of Gin can impact the taste of the resulting drink immensely.

A classic Dry or London Dry Gin will give a more herbal and spicy Negroni, a less junipery New Western Dry Gin can bring wonderfully floral or fruity notes to the drink.

The third element of the recipe is Sweet Vermouth, which is often but unjustly neglected. The right choice of Vermouth in the drink can decide whether it's a hit or miss.

Often a cheap product like Martini Rosso or Cinzano is used. And while neither is poor, there are clearly better options.

Thus, here are our six best Vermouths for a Negroni cocktail, ranked.

6. 1757 Vermouth Di Torino Rosso

Bottle of Vermouth di Torino by Cinzano
  • Produced by: Cinzano (belongs to Gruppo Campari)
  • Price: $20 per 750ml
  • ABV: 16%
  • Flavors: Bittersweet, Dried fruits

1757 is a small-batch premium release produced by Cinzano. The name of the Sweet Vermouth refers to the year the original Cinzano Vermouth was first released.

The Vermouth is of deep red to almost plum color and contains plenty of fruity aromas. The fruity profile also comes through on the palate with rich notes of dried fruits followed by a dry finish with hints of citrus fruit peels.

It's a bold Vermouth full of character that's great for sipping neat but also an excellent choice in mixed drinks like a Negroni.

5. Lustau Vermut Rojo

Vermut Lustau Rojo
  • Produced by: Lustau
  • Price: $20 per 750ml
  • ABV: 15%
  • Flavors: Herbaceous, ripe fruits, hints of smoke

The Spanish company Lustau is a famous producer of excellent Sherry. But this Sweet Vermouth shows that they also understand to compose a great and complex Vermouth.

The product is a blend of two wines: an Amontillado (80%) and a Pedro Ximénez (20%). The Amontillado brings rich nutty flavors to the mix, pairing well with the complex and intense sweet taste of the Pedro Ximénez.

The result is a wonderfully complex Vermouth with rich, fruity, and herbal flavors. Mixed in a Negroni, Lustau's Rojo Vermouth creates a rich and rather sweet cocktail.

4. Dolin Rouge

Dolin Rouge Vermouth on white background
  • Produced by: Dolin & Cie
  • Price: $18 per 750ml
  • ABV: 16%
  • Flavors: Herbal, citrus fruits, cooked fruits

Dolin Rouge Vermouth the Chambery, the full name of the bottle, is probably the best Vermouth for cocktails like the Negroni when you're on a budget. It is by far superior to other affordable options like Martini Rosso.

This amazing Sweet Vermouth is of dark amber to red color. The palate of this medium-bodied Vermouth is comparably gentle, which is one reason it blends so well with other ingredients like Campari and Gin.

3. Punt e Mes

Punt e Mes Vermouth bottle
  • Produced by: Fratelli Branca Distillerie S.r.L.
  • Price: $23 per 750ml
  • ABV: 16%
  • Flavors: Bittersweet, honey, and stewed fruits

Punt e Mes is an Italian Vermouth that is one of the most popular options to pair with Gin and Campari in a luxurious Negroni. Tastewise, the Vermouth is significantly more bitter than most other Sweet Vermouths.

Punt e Mes has a golden orange color and aroma dominated by spicy herbs with hints of toffee and cloves. On the palate, it is mild with hints of orange peel.

2. Carpano Antica Formula

Antica Formula Vermouth bottle
  • Produced by: Carpano family, owned by Fratelli Branca Distillerie S.r.L.
  • Price: $34 per 750ml
  • ABV: 16,5%
  • Flavors: Dark chocolate, berries, and vanilla

Carpano Antica Formula is one of the most recommended Sweet Vermouth for making Negronis. Its rich flavors, like chocolate and berries, create a beautifully complex drink.

For some, the rich and complex flavors are quite overpowering. For a better balance of flavors in your drink, you can slightly reduce the amount used while increasing the Gin part. 0.75 part Vermouth, 1 part Campari, and 1.5 parts Gin make for a well-balanced cocktail.

The wonderful aroma and bouquet of Antica Formula, paired with its complex taste, make it an ideal fortified wine to drink neat.

1. Cocchi Storico Vermouth di Torino

Cocchi Vermouth di Torino bottle
  • Produced by: Giulio Cocchi Spumanti S.r.L.
  • Price: $26 per 750ml
  • ABV: 16%
  • Flavors: Complex and fruity with distinct vanilla notes

Cocchi di Torino is an excellent all-around Vermouth that ticks all the boxes. It's complex in taste, affordable, and can be served neat and in cocktails.

The perfect ratios for a Negroni made with Cocchi di Torino are 1 part Vermouth, 1 part Campari, and 1.5 parts Gin.

It's also an excellent Vermouth to serve neat when it shows its rich, complex, and fruit-forward flavor profile complemented by spicy cinnamon and fresh citrusy notes.

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