Safari Liqueur

By Timo Torner / Last updated on March 21, 2023

Fans of fruity liqueurs should not miss out on the Safari liqueur. Rich, round, and sweetly accented, it reveals the aroma and taste of tropical fruits such as mango, papaya, passion fruit, and lime.
Safari Liqueur

Safari liqueur is a sweet and fruity liqueur made of various tropical fruits. The liqueur contains 20% ABV and is from a small distillery in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

It's a delicious serve on the rocks and also works beautifully in cocktails and other mixed drinks. Or you can add a splash of Safari to a chilled sparkling wine to create a tropical aperitif-style drink.

Who's behind Safari liqueur?

The tropical liqueur has been around for a long time. Yet, many have never heard of it. Even those who know about Safari liqueur have no clue who actually produces it.

And indeed, there's little information on this tasty cocktail ingredient. Apart from the fact that it is from a small Dutch distillery, the exact location of its production is unknown.

The company behind the sweet and fruity liqueur is Diageo. Diageo is one of the largest beverage companies operating worldwide in over 180 countries. Besides the little-known Safari, they own many of the most famous liquor brands like Johnny Walker, Lagavulin, Ciroc, Ketel One, Bulleit, Baileys, Guinness, Don Julio, and countless more. 

Unfortunately, Diageo doesn't provide information about the liqueur. Hence, here's a summary of the most important information about this unique alcoholic beverage.

What is Safari liqueur?

Safari liqueur is a sweet and fruity liqueur made in the Netherlands. The liqueur contains tropical flavors like mango, orange, passion fruit, papaya, lime, and lemon. It is bottled at 20% ABV (40 proof) and can be enjoyed on the rocks or in mixed drinks.

The amber color of the liqueur is achieved by adding caramel coloring to the mix. An addition that's not essential for the taste but emphasizes the tropical character.

The taste of Safari

Safari Exotic Fruit Flavored Liqueur has an exceptionally intense aroma of tropical fruits. The flavors of ripe passion fruit, juicy mangoes, papayas, and sour-tart limes produce a variety of exotic scents. The aromas are perfectly composed and create a jungle feeling.

The taste of Safari Exotic Fruit Liqueur is soft and mild, without alcoholic sharpness. The fruity savor continues on the palate, where the combination of mangoes and oranges comes through.

The creamy consistency combined with the exceptionally fruity taste makes for a long-lasting finish with a pleasant sweetness.

You can enjoy Safari liqueur pure, on ice, chilled, and in mixed drinks. For instance, when added to classic cocktails, it will create a new, tropical-fruity vibe.

Best Cocktails made with Safari liqueur

The most straightforward way to enjoy Safari liqueur in cocktails is by simply adding it to an existing recipe. Just put an ounce into a Gin Sour or Rum Sour, and you get a tropical riff on these drinks. If you want some more inspiration, here's a list of the best Safari cocktail recipes:

  • Azzuro: Made with Safari, Blue Curaçao, Pisang Ambon liqueur, passion fruit juice, pineapple juice, and egg white or aquafaba.
  • Grimaldi: Safari, peach liqueur, Blue Curaçao, and pineapple juice.
  • Out of Africa: Safari, pineapple juice, Vodka, orange juice, grapefruit juice, and homemade Grenadine
  • Hot, wet, and sticky: Made of 1 part Safari liqueur and 5 parts fresh orange juice.
  • Lion's Heart: Gin, Safari, orange juice, Grenadine, and simple syrup.

More interesting liqueurs

Liqueurs are great ingredients for cocktails and offer endless possibilities to enhance traditional cocktail recipes. Here are some interesting liqueurs you have to try.

  • Licorice liqueur is a sweet and almost syrupy liqueur made from licorice roots.
  • Parfait Amour is one of the most floral liqueurs and a favorite of bartenders in Valentine's cocktails.
  • Have you ever tried a spicy liqueur? Try Ancho Reyes, a Mexican Chile liqueur that's great in spicy Margaritas.
  • If you're looking for some sweet & minty notes, give Branca Menta a try.

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