UV Blue Vodka Raspberry

UV Blue Raspberry Vodka

By Timo Torner / Last updated on September 23, 2022

First published on June 21, 2022 

UV Blue Raspberry Vodka is a bright blue Vodka often served in shots and cocktails. A sweet and tart ingredient that adds color to your mixed drinks.

UV Blue Raspberry Vodka is a relatively new and unrecognized liquor. Its best known for its use in bright blue cocktails or as an ingredient in layered shots.

The so-called Vodka is flavored naturally with vine-ripened raspberries for a refreshingly tart and sweet taste. If you never had the chance to try it, read on and find out more about this raspberry-flavored Vodka.

What is UV Blue Vodka?

UV Blue Raspberry Vodka is a bright blue liquor flavored with natural ripe raspberries. The Vodka is relatively low in alcohol and clocks in at 30% ABV.

In combination with its rather sweet taste, this Vodka can also be considered a liqueur.

As such, it also works perfectly in refreshing low-ABV summer drinks. For example, in combination with lemon-lime soda or lemonade.

The taste of UV Blue Vodka

In contrast to classic Vodka, UV Blue Vodka has a strong raspberry flavor with plenty of sweetness. While many appreciate the different take on Vodka, some are deterred by the surprisingly sweet taste.

A classic Vodka is almost flavorless. In fact, premium Vodka is will only an absolute minimum of flavor and taste. -This is also the reason why Vodka should be served chilled.

Thus, UV Blue Raspberry Vodka has little in common with the original spirit.

How to use UV Blue Vodka

UV Blue Raspberry Vodka is certainly nothing I would sip neat. But that's also not the purpose of sweet and low-ABV liquor. It does work great in shots, and consequently, that's where I recommend using it.

Layered Shots with UV Blue Vodka

Plus, it also works in some more tropical and summery cocktail recipes. However, keep in mind that it needs a balancing acidic ingredient like lime or lemon juice to counteract the sweetness.

How much does it cost?

Compared to other Vodka or liqueurs, UV Blue Raspberry Vodka is definitely on the cheaper side. You can usually buy it for around $9 per 750ml bottle.

Blue lagoon cocktail

It's a reasonable price for making some fancy layered shots with it. If you plan to make some classic blue cocktails though, you can't use UV Blue but need to get some Blue Curaçao instead.

Drinks like the Blue Lagoon, Blue Hawaiian, or Swimming Pool are all made with the classic orange-flavored liqueur from Curaçao.

Use in cocktails or long drinks

UV Blue is not a classic or traditional liquor. Therefore it's not used in classic cocktail recipes. And as mentioned, this sweet and fruity liquor performs best in two-ingredient drinks or shots.

You can use it in simple mixed drinks like the "Frostbite" or "Bluedrive". Accordingly, both these drinks are also promoted by UV Blue on their website.

The first one - Frostbite - is a pretty unusual combination of 1 part UV Blue and one part frozen yogurt. However, surprisingly, the formula works and makes for a cross between a sweet treat and a summer drink.

The Bluedrive is also a simple-to-make two-ingredient drink. Three parts of orange juice are mixed with one part UV Blue for an especially fruity, low ABV, sweet, and sour cocktail.

Other fancy liqueurs

  • Safari liqueur - this tropical liqueur from the Netherlands contains heaps of tropical fruit flavors.
  • St Germain - The most popular elderflower liqueur there is.
  • Italicus - A classic Rosolio flavored with bergamot oranges.
  • Parfait Amour - One of the most used ingredients in Valentine's cocktails.
  • Ancho Reyes - A spicy Mexican chile liqueur.

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