Elixier Gin - Woodruff Based Gin from Berlin

By Timo Torner / Last updated on March 20, 2023

Elixier Gin features a truly unique herb: woodruff. It may look nondescript, but its leaves really pack a punch. In fact, the herb is so full of flavor that it often gets mistaken for something artificial. And it works fantastic in Elixier Gin.
Elixier Gin bottle

Created in the heart of Berlin, Elixier Gin is a Gin unlike any other you have had before. It comes in a flat, angular, and somewhat whimsical bottle. And the old-school label is reminiscent of fairs and circuses from the 1920s. 

The unusual combination of woodruff and juniper leads to a mildly herbaceous Gin with a sweet note. At 40% vol., it is also quite enjoyable when drank neat.

A Gin from Berlin

We have a heart for originals, unique personalities, and crazy birds. We love loud music in the morning and cold drinks in the evening. Not everything goes to plan, but that is okay. We only want to have fun in what we do.

This introduction phrase from the website already sets the tone. This Gin is fun. Its packaging is unique, and so is the taste. 

Due to it being sweet and quite unusual, I would classify it as a New Western Dry Gin. It is a type of Gin that pushes the limits and implements new and unique ideas. So let's see what is inside and read my review on Elixier Gin.


The list of botanicals is long. In total, Elixier Gin contains 16 different botanicals that create a round and fresh flavor that is dominated by juniper and woodruff. 

The 14 remaining botanicals like fennel, citrus fruits, and anise complement them well. 

Most of these botanicals are commonly known, but some of you may never have heard of woodruff before - at least if you have not grown up in Germany. There, woodruff-flavored drinks and sweets are actually pretty popular. 


When I first heard about Elixier, I was instantly intrigued. A Gin based on woodruff certainly is something special. And because so many people don't even know this herb exists, I will give a little more detail on what it is. 

Woodruff – also known as “Master of the woods” (in German: Waldmeister) – has a sweet and earthy aroma, almost hay-like. Some also compare it to freshly mowed grass. The flavor is so intense that you might think it is artificial. - But it is not. 

Woodruff in Elixier Gin

There are many medical use cases for woodruff: it is beneficial for strengthening your heart and helps with headaches, migraines, abdominal cramps, kidney stones, and even liver diseases.

Germans have a long tradition of woodruff-flavored drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic. You can get woodruff-flavored lemonade, ice pops, sweets, and even beer. 

Elixier finally created a worthy woodruff-based Gin which I find truly exciting.

Tasting Notes and Review of Elixier Gin

When opening the bottle, you can already smell the subtle, sweet scent of woodruff. The nose is quite earthy and sweet with herbal notes, with woodruff, juniper, and citrus fruits being dominant. 

In the background, you can detect hints of fennel, anise, and mint. It is a fresh but not too complex nose. 

Besides woodruff and juniper, there are 14 other botanicals added. Citrus fruits, anise, and fennel are just a few of them.

Poured into a glass, you immediately notice the high viscosity of this Gin. When swirling it, you can see how slowly it moves around, almost like oil. Especially interesting as it is filtered six times. 

In the mouth, two components are dominant: Juniper and a subtle sweetness. The sweetness also explains the oily appearance inside the glass. But of course, there are also notes of woodruff. 

This natural and not overpowering woodruff taste is also present when making a Gin and Tonic with this Gin.

Elixier Gin and Tonic

I would recommend using Fevertree Indian Tonic Water to go with Elixier Gin. Serve it over a generous amount of ice, garnished with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint.

Gin Tonic recipe

The most noteworthy part for me is that the woodruff aroma seems even more intense in a G&T than when drinking the Gin neat. 

Those earthy woodruff notes create an unusual and unique flavor I never had in a Gin and Tonic before.

Elixier Gin in Cocktails

Elixier Gin also works beautifully in Cocktails. Its slightly sweet taste reminds me of an Old Tom Gin. -Consequently, making it a perfect replacement for any recipe asking for an Old Tom. 

The unusual notes of woodruff also work exceptionally well with lemon juice, creating fresh and earthy cocktails.  

As a bonus, I have a special Elixier Gin Cocktail recipe ready for you. Created and tested by the guys from Elixier, this cocktail is perfect for a cold winter day. 

This hot cocktail is called  “Heißer Kirmes Apfel”. It tastes fantastic and can easily be made at home. Try it and let me know in the comments if you like it. 

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